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How to SSH into SEO Hosting service

by Thạch Phạm

In this article, AZDIGI will show you how to SSH into the SEO Hosting package at AZDIGI.

I. Introduction

By default, the SEO Hosting package at AZDIGI will not have the Terminal feature to use the command like other hosting packages. However, you can completely SSH into the SEO Hosting package with a hosting account.

And when SSH is successful, you can use many commands for administration, except for commands requiring higher permissions.

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The SEO Hosting package is a dedicated DirectAdmin hosting package suitable for keyword SEO. And the SEO Hosting package itself will own many IP addresses, suitable for satellite websites to SEO cross keywords with each other. See more about SEO Hosting package at the following link:

II. How to SSH into SEO Hosting package

When your SEO Hosting package is initialized, you will receive an email containing your login account. This is also the SSH account for your SEO Hosting package.

However, if you SSH in the normal way, it will not work because the SSH Port of the SEO Hosting server is the Port:

AZDIGI Tutorial

So when using SSH software, remember to correct it. Here is the popular SSH software I often use:

1. iTerm2 (MacOS)

With iTerm on MacOS, you will SSH with the following command:

AZDIGI Tutorial
ssh user@sh1.azdigi.com -p 2210

You need to change “user” to your login name. And sh1.azdigi.com will be the server hostname.

For example, I will SSH into my chupanh2 user.

SSH into SEO Hosting AZDIGI
SSH into SEO Hosting package with iTerm 2

At the step of entering the password, you just need to copy the password and use command + v to paste the password => Enter.

When SSH-ing with SSH Client software, entering the password, you will not see how many characters have been entered. This is typical of software used for SSH.

2. Xshell (Windows)

This is a perfect software that I used on Windows computers, with the ability to combine using Xftp to transfer files

With Xshell, the command to use will be a bit different from that of iTerm2 at the port-filling step:

AZDIGI Tutorial
ssh user@sh1.azdigi.com:2210

But Xshell will display a popup box for you to copy/paste the password.

3. Putty (Windows)

With Putty, you will need to enter Hostname sh1.azdigi.com in the Hostname (or IP Address) box and the Port will be 2210.

PuTTY Windows configuration and connection screen with profile save option
SSH into SEO Hosting package with Putty

When using Putty, you just need to copy the password and right-click on the Putty interface, the password will be filled in.

III. Summary

So we have learned how to SSH into the SEO Hosting package at AZDIGI with some popular SSH Client software. Once you have SSH, you can use many commands, including the WP Cli that AZDIGI integrates on its Hosting servers.

Hope this article will be of help to you. Wishing you success!

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