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Plesk & cPanel – Which control panel should you choose?

by Thạch Phạm
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Plesk and cPanel – these are considered the two dominant Web Hosting Control Panels in the market trusted by the technology world. However, choosing between these two control panels is not easy for users because each type brings different experiences depending on the needs and understanding of the user. Let’s explore the difference between Plesk and cPanel with AZDIGI to have the right options for your server!

What is Web Hosting Control Panel?

Web Hosting Control Panel is a web hosting resource management control panel software, it works based on a web interface that allows management of webserver services and applications, helping users to easily manage active websites on the server instead of using commands for administration.

Currently, there are many very good control panels, including paid and free versions, in which cPanel and Plesk are considered the two big players in the market today.

Overview of Plesk and cPanel control panels

1. cPanel control panel

This is the most popular Web Hosting Control Panel software in the world today and is used on most Shared Hosting services (e.g., Hosting of AZDIGI) because of its ease of use, high security and many features. Dedicated support for managing hundreds or thousands of websites on a single server…

cPanel provides two interfaces, one for the client and the other for the administrator, also known as the WHM (Web Host Manager) interface.

Some of the common tasks you can use on cPanel include file manager (File Manager), managing domains in the server, modifying DNS, creating/editing email accounts, and monitoring resource usage of websites.

2. Plesk control panel

  • Compared to cPanel, Plesk offers more flexible and affordable services than cPanel.
  • Plesk has 2 versions, Plesk WebPro and Plesk Webhost.
  • Plesk WebPro is a version of Plesk aimed at webmasters who need to find a streamlined interface and host up to 30 hosting accounts.
  • Plesk Webhost is for Shared Hosting services or large businesses that need a larger number of websites. This package supports an unlimited number of accounts on the server. If cPanel only supports Linux operating systems, Plesk is famous for supporting both Windows and Linux. As well as supporting ASP, dotNet language websites on Windows environment.

Compare Plesk and cPanel control panels

Comparison table of Plesk and cPanel control panels

Bảng so sánh control panel Plesk & cPanel

Price is one of the criteria that customers focus on and care about, but the price for services depends on the price policy of the agents. But in general, Plesk will cost less than cPanel. You can refer to the cPanel price of AZDIGI here

Table 1: Comparison of parameters and support of Plesk & cPanel control panels.

1. Software
Operating systemCentOS, CloudLinux, or RHEL 7, or Amazon LinuxDebian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, Cloud Linux, Amazon Linux, Virtuozzo Linux, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP
Web ServersApacheNGINX & Apache
Security feature
Automatic SSL setupLet’s Encrypt SSLLet’s Encrypt SSL, Symantec
OtherSSH access, IP blocker, hotlink protection, leech protection, ModSecurity, two-factor authentication.SSH access, Web Application Firewall, WordPress/Joomla auto security check, Google Authenticator, ImunifyAV (malware monitoring), Fail2Ban (IP blocking)
2. Statistics feature
ServiceAnalog, AWStats, WebalizerWebalizer, Plesk Traffic Manager, AWStats
Other functionCustom Reports, Graphical Analysis, logs, log rotationReal Time Bandwidth, Custom Reports, Graphical User Breakdowns
3. DNS
Other functionDNS Cluster.Remote DNS, Load Balancing Support, Master/Slave Management, Automated File Matching, DNS Recursion, SOA Settings
4. Database support feature
ServiceMySQL/MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQLMySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL
Admin PanelsphpMyAdmin, phpPgAdminphpMyAdmin, phpPgMyAdmin, Secure Setup, Multi-user/Multi-DB
5. Email feature
ServiceExim, Courier-IMAP, Courier-POPQmail
Mail ListMailmanMailman Aliasing, Auto- responses, Groups, User Access
WebmailHorde, SquirrelmailHorde IMP
Anti-SpamSpamAssassin, BoxTrapper, Spam BoxSpamAssassin
Anti-VirusClamAVDrWeb, Kaspersky
6. Account authorization
Admin PanelcPanel for website management and WHM for server administration.Same Logins for end-users and server administration
Reseller LoginYesYes
Domain owner loginYesYes
Mail User LoginYesYes

Currently, on all AZDIGI Hosting services, we give customers an easy experience with the cPanel control panel. This is considered a powerful tool to help you easily control your website.

If you are interested in experiencing it, please contact AZDIGI immediately!


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