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PHP 7.4 brings significant improvements with the OPcache Preload feature

by Thạch Phạm
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PHP 7.4 is scheduled to be released on November 28, 2019. However, at this time, PHP has announced and leaked some information about the update. PHP 7.4 will introduce many new features, syntax additions, and bug fixes from previous versions, particularly the powerful enhancement of the OPcache Preload feature.

Let’s explore the new points and changes in this version with AZDIGI!

You can download the Beta version here to experience it before the official release.

Currently, customers using AZDIGI’s SSD Hosting service can also use PHP 7.4 through the PHP version option in cPanel.

1. Some features and changes in PHP 7.4

Here are some basic features integrated into PHP 7.4:

  • Support for Typed Properties: PHP 7.4 allows you to easily declare type hints for variables and class properties without the need to create getter and setter methods to enforce type contracts.
  • Support for Arrow Functions: Similar to common anonymous function syntax in JavaScript, PHP now allows you to declare functions in the form of Arrow Functions to shorten the code when creating functions.
  • Integration of the Spread Operator feature: Although PHP has supported the Spread Operator since PHP 5.6, in PHP 7.4, this feature is now available for array-type data to merge array data (which is faster than using the array_merge() function) to improve PHP performance.

2. Powerful improvements of OPcache Preload in PHP 7.4

As emphasized, alongside new features and some syntax changes, PHP 7.4 stands out with significant enhancements from the Opcache Preload feature.

  • Opcache takes the compiled PHP source files and stores them in memory for reuse, thus avoiding repetitive compilation cycles.
  • However, maintaining this cache in memory requires Opcache to constantly monitor the files and recompile them. This can be a waste of time for files that do not change but you still want them to be cached continuously or permanently.
  • With the Opcache Preload feature in PHP 7.4, you can configure one or a set of files to be always cached when PHP starts, as well as inform PHP that these files will never change, ensuring they always have cache when processed.

Currently, AZDIGI has a detailed article on How to Use Opcache Preload in PHP 7.4 on WordPress, which you can refer to for more information about this feature.

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