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Why should you care about the compensation policy when buying SSL?

by Thạch Phạm
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Currently, with the modern market mechanism, trading transactions are not only done through the traditional market (where sellers and buyers can exchange directly) but also through the internet through the website, social networks…

Although this form is very convenient, there is a problem that is how to secure information for customers (eg, credit card numbers).

SSL certificate is a lifesaver for many businesses. However, because of its importance, there should be a compensation policy between SSL providers and users to help increase customer trust when using the service.

What is the compensation policy in SSL?

The indemnity policy or “SSL Insurance” is understood as a fee used to bind the provider’s responsibility and certification to the SSL buyer.

This fee will be paid when the website has a problem stemming from the error of the certification organizer causing money loss to the customer. The certifying organization is responsible for resolving the compensation issue when there is a complaint.

SSL Compensation Policy

Each SSL provider will usually have different compensation depending on the reputation and rigor of that provider.

Why does SSL require insurance?

SSL plays a very important role in protecting user data, ensuring that the transmitted information is intact, not changed or stolen. Because of this important feature, it must have insurance to protect users during use.

In addition, SSL insurance also helps users feel more secure about the service of the provider, it protects users in the event of security problems, causing customer information to be leaked…

Under what circumstances will SSL insurance cover you?

  • If the information in the certificate is incorrect.
  • If the CA (Certificate Authority) discloses the private key associated with the certificate.
  • Suffering financial loss due to the wrong certificate.
  • When there are security issues such as hacker intrusion, customers’ personal information is leaked or incorrect, affecting customers’ finances or privacy.

It can be said that information security is currently a matter of great concern to many people, especially at a time when digital technology is increasingly developing. However, solutions to this problem are rare. Can be said to SSL be one of the solutions that businesses or online business people are aiming for.

For this reason, it is very necessary to equip a website with an SSL certificate, which helps to create trust and build the business’s brand in the hearts of customers in the most effective way.

Coming to AZDIGI, customers will be equipped with free SSL DV, in addition to paid SSL solutions that provide comprehensive and effective security. All SSL certificates at AZDIGI are provided by famous brands Sectigo (Comodo), Symantec, Geotrust… with a high compensation policy, ensuring rigor and reputation when any incident occurs.

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