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List of WordPress Plugins/Themes given by AZDIGI

by Thạch Phạm
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When using Hosting and VPS services at AZDIGI, you will be given many resources that are paid plugins/themes to make your website more optimized. Please contact our Technical Department for support in installing these plugins & themes and license activation.

The resources below are all directly registered by AZDIGI and are 100% automatically updated.

List of free plugins

Plugins should be installed on your website

  • Smush Pro (worth $99): The most powerful image optimization plugin available today, which reduces image size by up to 90% but still retains image quality and size. This plugin should be used for all websites to save storage space on the hosting.
  • iThemes Security Pro (worth $199): The plugin supports comprehensive WordPress website security by preventing the risk of taking advantage of vulnerabilities and common attack methods such as XSS, SQL Injection. In addition, this plugin also supports notifying you which plugin/theme you are using has discovered vulnerabilities for timely updates, and prevents brute-force attacks with the 2-factor password for the admin account.
  • Rank Math SEO Pro (worth $59): The most comprehensive and popular website SEO optimization plugin today automatically optimizes pages’ structure and supports many features for SEO campaigns.
  • SeedPro (worth $79): The plugin helps create a professional and easy-to-use landing page, with drag and drop you will have an eye-catching landing page.
  • WP Staging Pro (worth $88): Easily create a staging version for the website, making it convenient to edit the website without having to edit it directly on the main website.

Some other plugins

  • Some other plugins (worth $199). these plugins often have separate features, so you should only choose plugins with the features you need to use to avoid making your website heavy.
  • ElementsKit Lifetime (worth $489) – Set of 90+ extras for Elementor, making it easier and more beautiful to design WordPress websites.
  • WPML Agency (worth $199) – The best plugin that supports a multilingual current for WordPress websites.

List of free themes

With themes, you should only request 1 theme per use because themes will often have demo content attached, activating multiple themes continuously can make the website display as not desired. AZDIGI will not support installation on websites that already have data, we only support installation on new websites.

  • 130 paid themes at MyThemeShop
  • Astra Theme(worth $249) – Powerful theme, easy to customize but very light. It specializes in designing landing pages, company/project introduction websites and sales websites with WooCommerce.

Note: Support Range

The themes and plugins donated by AZDIGI are not products of AZDIGI. Therefore, when using these themes and plugins, customers will not receive support on how to set up, use as well as technical support from AZDIGI.

For any questions and to install free resources, you can contact technical support via the support ticket at https://my.azdigi.com/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=2 for the fastest support.

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