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Compare AZDIGI & Hawk Host hosting

by Thạch Phạm
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Comparing the configuration and quality of hosting services between AZDIGI and Hawk Host is always a topic of interest for many users when choosing high-speed hosting services. With the desire to provide the most visually informative comparison to assist customers in easily choosing the suitable hosting service, in addition to comparing the prices of AZDIGI and Hawk Host,this article will proceed to compare the configuration and quality of our hosting services with Hawk Host, along with some crucial information about both providers.

In this article, AZDIGI will compare two hosting service packages with similar costs: AZDIGI’s NVMe Pro B service and Hawk Host’s Primary package, both priced at approximately 100,000 VND/month.

ConfigurationPrimary by HawkHostNVMe Pro B by AZDIGI
Price$4.99/month102.000 VND/month
Hard driveSSDNVMe Enterprise
Capacity10 GB10 GB
Disk I/O15MB/s100MB/s
CPU Core12
Entry Processes20120
Number of Processes100150
Addon DomainUnlimited3
Redis Socket
Free WordPress resources
Service activation time~30 minutesImmediately
cPanel control panel
LiteSpeed Webserver
CloudLinux OS
Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt
Refund30 days30 days

Right on the service comparison table, you can easily spot the difference in service package configurations, AZDIGI excels in performance and technologybut falls behind Hawk Host in limiting the number of allowed domains for use on a hosting package.

Speed comparison between AZDIGI and Hawk Host

In this article, we will evaluate the processing speed of the hosting package by installing a brand new WordPress website using the Flatsome theme with preloaded data, without enabling caching, and using default PHP configuration on both hosting packages.

Processing Speed (Measured with Query Monitor)

AZDIGI uses the Query Monitor plugin to measure the processing speed of the website on the server, ensuring that the visitor’s location does not influence the results for the most accurate real-world results.

Results for the processing speed of NVMe Pro B by AZDIGI

screenshot 2023 09 11 14.38.17@2x

With the website installed on AZDIGI’s hosting, the homepage loading speed is 0.41 seconds, with a processing speed of 136 database queries at 0.0156 seconds.

Results for the Primary package by Hawk Host

screenshot 2023 09 11 14.37.30@2x

With the website installed on Hawk Host’s hosting, the homepage loading speed is 1.49 seconds, with a processing speed of 136 database queries at 0.0549 seconds.

Conclusion on Speed

AZDIGI has significantly better server processing speed, as evidenced by the processing speed of database queries. With multiple concurrent visitors, the difference in database processing speed will have a significant impact on user experience.

Load Handling Capacity

AZDIGI uses the loadster.app tool to measure load handling capacity by simulating visits to the website with 25 concurrent users from Singapore. The test gradually increases the traffic over 5 minutes, with a total test time of 7 minutes. The evaluation results are based on the number of visits the website received during the 7-minute test period.

Results for NVMe Pro B by AZDIGI

screenshot 2023 09 11 14.27.35@2x
screenshot 2023 09 11 14.27.49@2x

The test results for the load handling capacity of the NVMe Pro B package at AZDIGI are as follows: Within 7 minutes with 25 concurrent users, there were 51,088 successful visits, 1,417 interactions, 0 errors, and an average access time of 4.39 seconds.

Results for the Primary package by Hawk Host

screenshot 2023 09 11 14.51.13@2x
screenshot 2023 09 11 14.51.23@2x

The test results for the load handling capacity of the Primary package at Hawk Host are as follows: Within 7 minutes with 25 concurrent users, there were 3,430 successful visits, 106 interactions, 177 errors, and an average access time of 18.23 seconds.

Load Handling Capacity conclusion

AZDIGI outperforms Hawk Host’s Primary package in load handling capacity,this is due to its powerful configuration with 2 CPUs, 3GB RAM, and NVMe storage, resulting in no errors occurring with 25 concurrent users and achieving over 51,000 successful visits in 7 minutes.

Detailed Review of Hawk Host

Hawk Host has long been a popular choice among web hosting users worldwide. It offers cost-effective prices, especially when subscribing for 1 year or more, along with reasonable storage capacity. This provider has garnered extensive user support.

One notable advantage of Hawk Host is its multiple data centers located in various countries around the world, including the United States, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Singapore. This variety allows users to choose the most suitable server location based on their website’s audience.

However, a drawback of Hawk Host is the absence of servers in Vietnam, which may result in slower website access speeds for users in Vietnam compared to websites hosted on servers located in Vietnam. Storage options on Hawk Host are enticing, with two choices: 10GB and Unlimited storage. However, each package has a specific limit on the number of files (inodes), and customers cannot store additional files once this limit is reached. This could pose challenges for WordPress websites with extensive content and additional cache plugins to improve website speed.

Additionally, the registration and activation process is not automatic and may require approval, taking approximately ~45 minutes depending on the time of registration during the day.

Advantages of Hawk Host

  • Affordable pricing when registering for services for 2 years or more.
  • Abundant storage capacity.
  • Multiple data center locations to choose from.
  • Payment options include PayPal and cryptocurrencies.

Disadvantages of Hawk Host

  • Limited number of inodes.
  • Limited load handling capacity due to a fixed 1 CPU and 1GB RAM on each package, even on premium packages.
  • Use of SSD storage. For the same cost, customers have multiple options for using NVMe hosting.
  • Limited support response time.

Detailed Review of AZDIGI

Founded and booming since 2016, AZDIGI quickly became a leading Web Hosting provider in Vietnam, pioneering the introduction of international hosting service standards in the country. With a robust technical foundation and market sensitivity, AZDIGI has consistently led the market with numerous groundbreaking changes, including:

  • Launching the first Business Hosting service in Vietnam with a powerful configuration, replacing VPS, since 2017.
  • Being the first to apply NVMe hard drives to Web Hosting services starting in 2019.
  • Being the first to use high-end Intel Xeon Platinum processors in Web Hosting services from 2019.
  • Upgrading servers and doubling the free resources to ensure customers experience the latest and most powerful configurations.

In terms of customer support, AZDIGI has earned high praise for its superior technical support quality, with a commitment to responding within 5 minutes and a highly skilled team of specialists across four support tiers to address any issues.

Regarding the configurations of Web Hosting services, AZDIGI offers a variety of hosting packages to cater to all usage needs. These range from the extremely affordable AZ Pro Hosting, which offers ample resources and uses SSDs, to premium services like Turbo Business Hosting, which boasts configurations resembling dedicated servers for resource-intensive websites.

One of the disadvantages of AZDIGI’s services compared to Hawk Host is the limitation on the number of domains in common hosting packages and the lack of support for multiple data center locations across different countries.

Advantages of AZDIGI

  • Robust hosting configurations and limited hosting packages per server, prevent server overload.
  • Continuous adoption of new technologies.
  • Free WordPress theme and plugin library worth $1400.
  • Premium NVMe hard drives.
  • The highest-rated technical support available today.
  • A variety of diverse programs for both new and existing customers.

Disadvantages of AZDIGI

  • Lack of support for foreign data centers.
  • Limitation on the number of addon domains in common hosting packages.
  • Only supports payment via bank transfer and MoMo wallet.


Based on the real-world evaluations above, we can clearly see the difference that AZDIGI offers to customers, based on the performance of a mid-range hosting package. In reality, this difference becomes even more pronounced when testing on AZDIGI’s premium hosting packages, such as Turbo Business Hosting. Hopefully, after this review, customers can easily choose a provider that suits their budget and website needs.

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