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Large Storage Hosting at AZDIGI: Expand Your Website’s Storage Capacity

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In the rapidly evolving digital era, a successful website not only requires quality content but also demands a robust hosting system that can keep up with rapid growth. With continuous improvement, AZDIGI has approached international hosting market standards by upgrading all hosting packages to Large Storage Hosting, providing the necessary resources for customers to store more data, along with the world’s latest and highly reliable storage technology.

So, what makes Large Storage Hosting special? Let’s explore the Large Storage Hosting package at AZDIGI in the following article.

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What makes Large Storage Hosting special?

What makes Large Storage Hosting special?

Since May 2023, AZDIGI has taken a remarkable leap forward by comprehensively upgrading all Hosting packages, resulting in astonishing storage capacity growth for all Web Hosting services.

By expanding the storage capacity for Hosting packages at AZDIGI, customers can flexibly and reliably expand their website’s storage capabilities. This hosting package provides ample space to upload high-resolution images, high-quality videos, and ever-increasing website data.

With the upgrade program, AZDIGI has doubled the SSD and NVMe storage capacity, providing an additional 70% to 300% storage capacity for each hosting package while maintaining the same price. Particularly, these hosting packages will have no inode limitations (the number of files on the host).

Large Storage Hosting at AZDIGI is always guaranteed high speed and reliability, thanks to its robust infrastructure and a professional 24/7/365 technical support team in four tiers.

Advantages of Large Storage Hosting

Large Storage Hosting is approaching global hosting market standards, offering exceptional benefits for individuals and businesses. These large storage hosting packages provide a range of outstanding advantages, including:

– Increased storage capacity: With the Super Large Storage Hosting packages at AZDIGI, customers can utilize a storage capacity that is two to three times larger than previous standard packages. This allows customers to store more images, high-quality videos, and other files without worrying about storage space limitations.

– High performance and speed: These hosting packages utilize a powerful network infrastructure and advanced technology to optimize the user experience. Websites load quickly and smoothly, ensuring that customers have no obstacles when accessing and interacting with content.

– Security and reliability: These hosting packages are typically supported by robust security measures, including data encryption, SSL certificates, and anti-attack technologies. – Additionally, regular backup systems are implemented to protect important data and ensure quick recovery in case of any incidents.

– Stability: Compared to using hosting services abroad, using services in Vietnam is not affected by network issues and fiber optic cables. Moreover, AZDIGI has contingency solutions in place to ensure the stable operation of the hosting system during emergencies.

– Free WordPress gifts: AZDIGI offers a program to provide customers with free WordPress plugin and theme licenses, with a resource library worth up to $1600 that is regularly updated. This helps users save costs in purchasing plugins and themes.

– Professional 24/7/365 technical support team: AZDIGI has a professional team ready to support customers around the clock. With diverse knowledge and experience, they will help customers solve any issues related to hosting services. Whether customers encounter difficulties in configuration, security, or performance optimization, the technical team will respond quickly and wholeheartedly. Customers can rest assured that AZDIGI will always provide support and ensure that their websites operate smoothly and efficiently.

Explore the Large Storage Hosting packages at AZDIGI

  • Affordable high-speed SSD, NVMe large storage hosting for individuals and small websites

AZ Pro Hosting is the top choice for websites with average traffic, thanks to its low-cost investment while still ensuring the quality of a premium hosting service.

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AZ Pro Hosting – Affordable High-Speed Hosting

Compared with Hawkhost, a leading hosting provider overseas, their customers are offered a 10GB SSD package for $2.99 (equivalent to about 70,000 Vietnamese Dong). Meanwhile, at AZDIGI, for just 65,000 Vietnamese Dong, customers can use 10GB SSD and have superior RAM and CPU resources. Moreover, AZDIGI does not limit inodes, ensuring that customers can maximize their resources without any restrictions.

In addition, AZDIGI also offers the AZ Pro NVMe package. This is an upgraded product in the Pro lineup of AZDIGI, aiming to provide a premium experience at a reasonable cost.

With prices starting from 65,000 Vietnamese Dong per month, customers can enjoy up to 6GB of NVMe storage with high speed. The I/O read and write speed is guaranteed at a fixed rate of 100MB/s. This is a rare specification to find in a web hosting package priced under 100,000 Vietnamese Dong per month.

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AZ Pro NVMe – Upgraded Pro Product
  • Business Hosting

AZDIGI is one of the few web hosting service providers in Vietnam that upgrades all hosting packages to meet the needs of customers for large storage hosting. Additionally, AZDIGI applies premium Enterprise-grade NVMe drives in its services to provide the best user experience and optimize website performance.

AZDIGI utilizes Samsung’s NVMe PM9A3 drives with the U.2 connector standard, delivering maximum performance and meeting the criteria for using multiple drives on servers with RAID-10 configuration to ensure data safety. With PCIe 4 support, the NVMe drives can achieve theoretical read speeds of up to 6900MB/s and write speeds of up to 4100MB/s in an ideal environment.

Premium Business Hosting

This is a high-end hosting service designed to serve businesses. This service utilizes powerful hardware and cost optimization, with prices starting from 239,000 Vietnamese Dong per month.

With the Intel Xeon Platinum processors, Premium Business Hosting is an ideal choice for business websites such as online stores or online blogs/magazines with medium to high traffic.

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Premium Business Hosting – Hosting for businesses

NVMe Business Hosting

Business Hosting is a hosting package specifically designed for businesses, the first of its kind in Vietnam, launched in 2017 and has been comprehensively upgraded. This hosting package ensures absolute stability for websites with a 10Gbps high-bandwidth network and the ability to handle high traffic.

With two high-end processors, NVMe drives, and powerful resources, the business hosting package provides higher load capacity compared to regular hosting. Moreover, it is also a good alternative to advanced options such as VPS/Dedicated servers, offering strong performance and integrating the best support licenses. This helps save costs in system administration and personnel management.

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NVMe Business Hosting – Powerful Resources, Cost Savings

Turbo Business Hosting

Turbo Business Hosting, an ultra-premium service dedicated to businesses, is equipped with two 2nd generation Intel Xeon Platinum processors. Combined with NVMe Enterprise drives configured in RAID-10, this is a perfect duo to enhance server performance. The 2nd generation Intel Xeon Platinum processors have a maximum clock speed of up to 3.9GHz, ensuring powerful processing capabilities when websites face a sudden surge in traffic, with server stability guaranteed.

AZDIGI takes pride in being one of the pioneering providers to apply the high-end Intel Xeon Platinum 2nd generation processors in web hosting services in Vietnam and worldwide.

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Turbo Business Hosting – High-end hosting exclusively for businesses Conclusion


With powerful and flexible hosting packages, AZDIGI not only meets customers’ storage needs but also expands their development and success in the online environment. By leveraging the large storage hosting packages at AZDIGI, customers can expand their storage space, enhance resources, and easily scale their operations.

With a robust network infrastructure, advanced technology, top-notch security measures, and an experienced technical team, AZDIGI ensures that customers’ websites operate quickly and handle large traffic without any obstacles.

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