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Top 5 cheap hosting providers preferred by the user

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The choice of affordable hosting is always a question that needs to be addressed whenever a new website starts to take shape, as users need to balance between affordability and genuinely good quality to ensure a stable and search engine-friendly website. This initial stage is the foundation of development for any website.

In this article, AZDIGI will provide an overview of the top 5 cheap hosting services that are currently widely used. You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each provider, as well as how to choose the most suitable one for your hosting needs. Through this information, you will have a basis for making an informed decision when building or upgrading your website.

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What is cheap hosting? What role does it play in website development?

Cheap hosting is a service that provides online storage space for website or internet application data files. Instead of demanding users pay a high price to purchase hosting from a provider, cheap hosting is designed to offer a lower-cost solution. This helps businesses and individuals save costs while still having the opportunity to experience high-quality hosting services.

The role of cheap hosting in website development is crucial and diverse, directly impacting the performance, accessibility, and stability of your website. Below are the main roles of cheap hosting in website development:

Data Storage: Cheap hosting provides online storage space to store all files and data related to your website, including images, videos, text, and databases.

Accessibility: Hosting ensures that your website is always available for users to access on the internet 24/7. High accessibility is a crucial goal to ensure a good user experience.

Website Speed: Hosting significantly influences website speed. Cheap hosting can affect page load speed, response time, and overall website performance.

Security: Hosting plays a crucial role in website security. A good hosting system provides security features like SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and regular data backups to protect your website from online threats.

Service Management: Hosting offers management tools for website owners to easily manage and configure their websites. This includes account management, DNS management, and access to hosting administration systems.

Technical Support: Hosting providers typically offer technical support services to address technical issues related to websites. This is an important factor for those without experience in server management.

Criteria for Choosing Cheap Hosting

Selecting cheap hosting is an important task for website owners, especially when you have a limited budget. Here are 5 criteria to consider to ensure that you choose the most suitable cheap hosting service for your needs:

Price: Determine your budget beforehand and find an cheap hosting package that you can afford monthly or yearly. However, considering that the lowest price isn’t always the best choice, evaluate other criteria before deciding.

Storage Capacity: Storage capacity determines the amount of data, images, and files you can store on the server. Ensure that the cheap hosting package you choose provides enough storage to meet your current website needs and has the ability to expand for future upgrades.

Speed and Performance: Website loading speed directly impacts user experience and SEO ranking. Choose an cheap hosting provider with powerful and stable servers to ensure your website operates quickly and without frequent interruptions.

Bandwidth and Traffic: Check if the cheap hosting package offers sufficient bandwidth and traffic for your website. This ensures your website won’t get congested and maintains a good user experience, especially during sudden traffic spikes.

Technical Support: Select a hosting provider that offers 24/7 technical support and support through various contact channels like live chat, phone, or email to resolve technical issues quickly.

Security and Backup: Security is essential to protect your data and website from threats. Verify whether the hosting provider offers robust security features such as SSL, firewalls, and regular data backups.

Top 5 reputable high-speed cheap hosting providers currently


AZDIGI – A pioneering name in the field of Web Hosting in Vietnam, distinguished for its highly rated Web Hosting services. AZDIGI focuses on applying new technologies and has an excellent customer support policy.

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AZDIGI offers a range of hosting services, from cheap hosting packages to premium hosting, with incredibly huge storage capacities. Since May 2023, AZDIGI has made a significant upgrade to all of its hosting services, increasing storage capacity from 70% to 300% for each hosting package while maintaining the old price. Particularly noteworthy is that these hosting packages will not impose limits on the number of inodes (files on the host).

Currently, AZDIGI is one of the largest storage capacity hosting providers in Vietnam and can compete with leading hosting providers worldwide.

AZDIGI currently offers two outstanding cheap hosting packages: AZ Pro Hosting and AZ Pro NVMe.

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AZ Pro Hosting, with prices starting from 29,000 VND/month, is the perfect choice for new websites or those with moderate traffic. Despite its low cost, AZ Pro Hosting still ensures premium hosting quality with the use of cutting-edge technologies.

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On the other hand, AZ Pro NVMe is an upgraded version of AZDIGI’s Pro product line, offering a premium experience at an incredibly reasonable price (starting from 65,000 VND/month). Notably, AZDIGI is one of the few providers of Web Hosting services in Vietnam that integrates high-end Enterprise standard NVMe hard drives into its services. This is to provide the best conditions for customer experience and optimize the performance of websites.


– Extremely large storage capacity at an affordable cost

– Powerful hosting configuration, fast page loading speed

– Always updating and applying the latest advanced technologies to its service

– A 5-star technical support team available 24/7/365, currently rated the highest, with a commitment to respond within just 15 minutes

– When you sign up for their services, you receive complimentary licenses for WordPress themes and plugins exclusively for customers, such as WP Rocket, Rank Math Pro, WP Astra Lifetime,… valued at $1600

– Numerous diverse promotion programs for both new and existing customers

– A 30-day money-back guarantee


– Limited number of Addon Domains in standard hosting packages

– Only accepts payments via bank transfer and Momo

– Doesn’t support datacenters abroad


Bluehost is one of the top choices in the global hosting market, offering quality solutions at reasonable prices. They provide hosting packages optimized for beginners in website development, especially for developers and web designers with limited experience.



– Reasonable pricing

– User-friendly interface

– You’ll receive up to 5 custom email domains along with a $200 Google AdWords credit when successfully setting up WordPress for the first time


– No continuous uptime guarantee

– Complex payment procedures

– Currently, they have only one data center

– The service doesn’t offer support in Vietnamese.

Hawk Host

Hawk Host is a hosting service company with a robust and reliable web infrastructure, suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Hawk Host’s services include shared server resource allocation such as CPU and RAM, and support for various platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and Joomla to help users easily create and manage their personal or business websites.



– Affordable pricing

– High uptime speed

– Free integrated SSL

– Servers located in multiple global locations, including Dallas TX, New York, Los Angeles in the US, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Toronto in Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong in Asia.


– No servers in Vietnam, which could lead to access disruptions in case of international cable issues.

– To use the service, you need an international payment card.

– The service doesn’t offer support in Vietnamese.


StableHost is a popular foreign hosting provider in the Vietnamese user community, known for its affordable and reliable hosting services. StableHost quickly built its reputation and became one of the leading hosting service companies in the market. All StableHost hosting packages are integrated with Varnish Cache and optimized for the Apache Server, significantly enhancing website loading speeds. Moreover, StableHost utilizes the Litespeed Web Server, supported by Litespeed Cache, to boost user website performance.

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– Stable and reliable uptime

– User-friendly interface

– Fast page loading speeds


– Higher prices compared to the general market

– Some service packages have resource limitations, such as bandwidth, storage capacity, and the number of allowed websites

– Limitations in providing utility services like Cloud Hosting or more complex cloud solutions. If you have expansion needs or specific customization requirements, StableHost may not be flexible enough to meet those demands.

– The service doesn’t offer support in Vietnamese.


HostGator is a suitable choice for small businesses and simple websites, offering technical support via phone, email, and other means. HostGator supports both Windows and Linux hosting services and provides various upgrade options like Cloud hosting and VPS.



– 45-day money-back guarantee, flexible payment options

– 99.99% uptime guarantee

– Multilingual support


– Relatively high prices compared to the market

– Complex user interface

– Significant limitations in exclusive features

– Doesn’t provide free domain registration


In this article, we have examined and compared the 5 most reputable high-speed, budget-friendly hosting providers available today. Each hosting provider has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the final decision should be based on your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to test their services through free trial hosting packages or refund programs, if available. Best of luck with your project!

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