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What is Imunify360 and how does it improve hosting security?

by Thạch Phạm
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Imunify360 is integrated into all Hosting services at AZDIGI to help enhance customer data security. So what is Imunify360, and how is it useful in securing Hosting servers in general and customer service packages in particular?

In this article, we will learn in detail about the Imunify360 tool available on a Hosting service at AZDIGI. And in particular, how does this tool help secure hosting?

secure hosting with Imunify360

What is Imunify360?

Imunify360 is a high-end security software suite developed by CloudLinux, surely we all know that CloudLinux OS is now an indispensable operating system on Hosting servers to help eliminate 100% of local-attack and keep the server more stable

Website: https://www.imunify360.com/imunify360

Imunify360 includes basic and advanced hosting security features such as:

WAF – Web Application Firewall

Imunify360’s proprietary soft firewall system (called Web Shield) helps to minimize bad visits such as bots scanning for security errors on websites, brute-force attacks or suspicious access.
For suspicious or bad visits, the system will trigger a confirmation page via a captcha when accessing the website to confirm that it isn’t a bot.
This feature also helps websites and servers save bandwidth and resources by not having to deal with “unwelcome” accesses.

In addition, the WordPress source code will be “promoted” to add a feature that is supported against brute-force attacks (automatic password detection attacks), which is very useful because most WordPress websites are often attacked by this method.


Imunify360’s IDS/IPS helps websites limit the risk of unauthorized intrusion by leaking vulnerabilities from the source code of the website in use. After Imunify360 recognizes that your website is being scanned for vulnerabilities, the system will automatically block that access by blocking IP.

Scan and clean malware

A special feature that can’t be found anywhere is the system periodically scans for malware or scans after you upload the source code to prevent infected files.
After detecting the infected file, the system will automatically clean it (remove the malicious code in the file), if it cannot be cleaned, it will automatically isolate it to ensure that there is no malicious code on the service pack.

Usually, websites infected with malicious code will get a 500 Internal Error right after the malicious code is isolated, which is understandable because the source code has been largely replaced by malicious code, making the website unstable.

In case the website does not work after the malicious code is isolated, the customer can easily restore the quarantined file to return the website to normal.

Proactive Defense

This is also a unique feature in Imunify360, it prevents malicious code from executing on your host package by stopping the execution of malicious code, even when the malware scanning feature does not detect it.

If you suspect you are exploited with malicious code, turn on this feature at cPanel => Imunify360 => Proactive Defense to prevent malicious code from affecting the website.


The benefits that Imunify360 brings are indescribable, in addition to helping customers minimize the risk of malicious code affecting the website’s reputation, this tool also helps Hosting servers be more stable when no resources are wasted due to malicious code, as well as protecting the reputation of the IP range when there is no malicious spam mail. And especially help better hosting security.
Now AZDIGI has integrated Imunify360 into all Hosting services, so are you ready to experience this great tool?

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