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How to empty the phpMyAdmin database table

by Thạch Phạm
KHuyến mãi đại lễ 2023

In some cases where your website is spammed with comments too, leading to the comment table in the database being too much to swell the database, or for some reason, you need to empty a database table, this tutorial will help you do it.

This operation is very sensitive, you need to be sure to manipulate the data table correctly and understand that after emptying, all the data of that table will be lost.

Step 1: Access to phpMyAdmin

Step 2: Find the database and select the table to empty

After selecting the database, it will show the tables of that database, you just need to click on the table to be empty and click Empty.

Then the system will ask if you are sure you want to empty, you choose “Yes” is finished.

KHuyến mãi đại lễ 2023

Wishing you success!

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KHuyến mãi đại lễ 2023

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