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How SSL works to secure information on websites

by Thạch Phạm
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SSL certificate is a solution to secure user information on the website, increasing the reputation of the website in the eyes of users. It can be said that SSL helps websites to support HTTPS protocol which is a mandatory standard for websites today if they want to be trusted by users and highly appreciated by search engines.

The way SSL works include object authentication, information encryption, giving the website absolute security that no other security method can do. Let’s find out in detail the principles and operational tasks of SSL.

How SSL Works

To establish a secure transaction, SSL must be implemented based on many principles to ensure confidentiality, integrity authentication to avoid being penetrated by third parties, including:

SSL Operation Principle
  • Authentication: this ensures the two-way authenticity of the connecting party and the website user to transmit information.
  • Encryption: ensures the safety of the transmitted information from being hacked or hacked by a third party. The information will be encrypted and only the receiver and the sender can read it.
  • Data integrity: ensure that the information is fully transmitted, not changed or has any deviation from the original information the recipient has previously sent.

SSL’s Security Mission

Because SSL is performed by a sequence of procedures from authentication to information encryption, it must go through many standardized procedures to perform the following security tasks:

Server authentication

This is an important factor for users to allow users to authenticate to the server they are trying to connect to avoid certificate forgery, at this time, the user’s browser side will use public encryption techniques to determine Are the server’s certificate and public key valid and issued by a CA (Certificate Authority) in the list of reputable CAs? Some reputable CAs like Sectigo, GogetSSL, Geotrust, Rapid…etc.

Verify client connection

After receiving the certificate information in the above step from the server, the browser will compare the public key value to match the server’s or not to encrypt the data.

Connection encryption

In connections without SSL, all information will be transmitted in a pure way and vulnerable to third parties. But when equipped, all information exchanged between the server and the client will be encrypted to improve the security on the transmission.

This is very important for private server and client transactions. In addition, the transmitted information is protected by a mechanism that automatically detects disturbances or changes in the data (this is called the hash algorithm).


Currently, SSL is becoming more and more popular for Vietnamese businesses, but having too many options between providers also makes many businesses hesitate and think.

AZDIGI has now become one of the reputable agents of CA-accredited SSL providers, so you can choose SSL that matches the website’s criteria to ensure the highest security.

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