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Install pre-release DirectAdmin

by Thạch Phạm

In this article, AZDIGI will guide you through the process of installing pre-release DirectAdmin, which allows you to experience upcoming versions of DirectAdmin.

I. What is pre-release DirectAdmin?

Pre-release DirectAdmin is a pre-release version that allows users or DirectAdmin administrators to use new features or simply test their system’s compatibility.

Sometimes, you may encounter an error on the current official version that you cannot fix, even if you have posted on the DirectAdmin forum and received no help. In this case, you can try installing the pre-release DirectAdmin to see if the error can be fixed.

II. How to install pre-release DirectAdmin

To install pre-release DirectAdmin, we need to follow the following 4 steps.

Step 1: SSH into your server

To install pre-release DirectAdmin, first, we need to SSH or access your VPS/server with root privileges. Or at least log in to the server with a user with sudo privileges. If you don’t know how to SSH into your VPS/Server, you can refer to the following tutorial:

After successfully SSH, we move on to step 2 to see the UID and LID information of our DirectAdmin license.

Step 2: Get UID and LID DirectAdmin information

There are many ways to get the UID and LID information of the DirectAdmin license we are using, but since we are in the SSH interface, I will only guide you on how to get this information using a command.

All you need to do is use the command below:

AZDIGI Tutorial
cat /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/setup.txt | grep id

Below is my results:

Check UID LID DirectAdmin with the command line.
View the LID & UID information of DirectAdmin license.

After having these two pieces of information, we proceed to step 3 to execute the commands to install pre-release DirectAdmin.

Step 3: Commands to install pre-release DirectAdmin

The commands to install pre-release DirectAdmin are also relatively straightforward, we only need to execute the following 7 commands, and I will also explain the meaning of each command below:

AZDIGI Tutorial
# cd /usr/local/directadmin
# wget --no-check-certificate -O new.tar.gz 'https://www.directadmin.com/cgi-bin/daupdate?redirect=ok&uid=XXXXX&lid=ZZZZZ&channel=beta'
# tar xvzf new.tar.gz
# ./directadmin p
# scripts/update.sh
# killall -9 directadmin
# ./directadmin d
# cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
# ./build rewrite_confs

Explanation of the above commands:

  • Command 1: Move to the directadmin folder.
  • Command 2: Download the pre-release DirectAdmin installer. Remember to replace XXXXX with your UID and ZZZZZ with your LID.
  • Command 3: Extract the downloaded file.
  • Command 4: Reassign correct permissions to the DirectAdmin files.
  • Command 5: Update DirectAdmin.
  • Command 6: Stop all DirectAdmin processes.
  • Command 7: Restart DirectAdmin in daemon mode.
  • Command 8: Navigate to the custombuild folder.
  • Command 9: Restore the previously customized configuration.

Some images of the process of executing the commands:

Command 2: Download the pre-release DirectAdmin installer.
Command 3: Extract the downloaded file.
Commands 4, 5, 6, 7:
Commands 8, 9:

With just 9 commands, we have completed the installation of the pre-release DirectAdmin. If your DirectAdmin version has just been released, sometimes there may not be any pre-release DirectAdmin version available, and we have to wait for a while.

III. Summary

So with just 9 commands, we can install a pre-release version of DirectAdmin. We should only install this version when we want to test the upcoming features of DirectAdmin or when we want this release to fix the outstanding issues on the previous version. Since this is still an unofficial version, the stability may not be guaranteed.

Original article: Installing a pre-release version of DirectAdmin.

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