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Rank Math and Elementor Plugin – The Perfect SEO Duo for WordPress

by Thạch Phạm
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The Elementor plugin is known as one of the favorite plugins of all WordPress users, helping administrators to easily customize and redesign websites without knowing to program, through an easy-to-use interface. However, a fact that few people know is that Elementor is not really good for SEO because it will generate a lot of HTML tags resulting in the DOM structure of the page will be heavier.

Rank Math and Elementor are considered the perfect duo to optimize WordPress website SEO, this is a great way to still take advantage of the power of Elementor in website design. If you do not know this duo, let’s find out with AZDIGI in this article!

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What is the Elementor plugin?


Plugin Elementor

Elementor is a plugin that helps users redesign the interface of the website through the drag & drop editor (Drag & Drop). The advantage of this type of Plugin is that it does not require the user to have any knowledge or skills of HTML, CSS or PHP. Therefore, this is one of the most used plugins when choosing WordPress.

How does the Elementor plugin save time optimizing SEO for the website?

Usually, with other drag-and-drop design plugins, you have to go to a custom design interface to use that plugin. Then you have to save and reopen the designed page with the default WordPress editor to be able to set up SEO-related optimization such as optimizing the title, description, social networks, …

This not only interrupts the work but also takes a lot of time. With Rank Math, the optimization will be done right at the design interface of Elementor. Especially the ability to analyze keywords on a page using Elementor.

The perfect combination of Rank Math SEO plugin & Elementor

Rank Math is a free all-in-one SEO plugin with many useful features that only paid plugins such as Yoast SEO Premium have.

Some of the advantages of Rank Math can be mentioned as:

  • Set a title, description, or configure a favorite structured data type (Rich Snippet).
  • Set up Redirect to redirect a certain page without losing keyword rankings.
  • Customize the display of content on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln,.. using OpenGraph meta, and many other benefits…

It is also the only SEO Plugin that eliminates the problem of switching tabs using Elementor and the pre-installed editor on WordPress.

Install the Rank Math plugin

Install the Rank Math Plugin.

  • Step 1: Install and activate Rank Math from WordPress repository (Note: during installation make sure elementor plugin is still active).
  • Step 2: Transfer your existing SEO Plugins with the Migration Wizard plugin. (this plugin will support instant migration from Yoast SEO & Yoast SEO Premium, All in one SEO, SEOPress & SEOPress Prom SEO FrameWork to Rank Math SEO).

After completing these 2 steps, you can access Elementor editing without having to switch between tabs.

How to use Rank Math plugin features.

After installing Rank Math and putting the SEO settings tab on the Elementor interface, users were able to completely eliminate the previous problems. Let’s see how Rank Math SEO will work on Elementor!

Combination of Rankmath & Elementor

After combining Rank Math & Elementor, you can see the SEO tab appear just above in the Elementor editor.

This is where you can easily find, access and modify all the previously available settings using Rank Math (in Classis Editor) or in the Gutenberg block editor.

In addition, to make the most of Rank Math’s SEO capabilities, you can set focus keywords for thorough SEO optimization.

Optimizing the title tag and meta of the page

Combination of Rankmath & Elementor

With Rank Math, this becomes extremely simple: click on the SEO tab → Edit Snippet and another interface will appear:

Combination of Rankmath & Elementor

Here you can easily change the title, description and permalink without having to go back to /wp-admin and find the post again to do it.

Set title and description for Social Sharing

In addition to setting custom titles and descriptions for search engines, Rank Math also makes it easy for users to customize Elementor posts and pages that will appear on social sites like Facebook, Instagram.

To do this, you click on the SEO tab and then click Edit snippet, a window will appear and you just need to click Social to add your own title and description for social networks.

It’s easy to do right?

Combination of Rankmath & Elementor

Use Rank Math to improve article content.

Provides convenient and contextual suggestions for users when writing in Classic Editor or Gutenberg.

Combination of Rankmath & Elementor

Ability to read all content in good posts on the Elementor browser page including separate text blocks, heading blocks and more.

You can also set focus keywords and Rank Math will automatically suggest the right keywords based on the post. For example, if you are going to magnetize “Best Hosting in Vietnam”, Rank Math will help you determine the keyword density to use in the article. If the density is too low, they will report and help you adjust the keyword density to be suitable for SEO.

Besides the density of magnetization, Rank Math also helps users to correct inappropriate errors to improve the quality of articles such as readability, length of the title, etc.

Combination of Rankmath & Elementor

Add structured data (Schema Markup) to your posts.

With the combination of Rank Math SEO and Elementor, you can completely add structural data and choose them from 13 different Schema Markup types and configure it for the page you are editing without leaving the builder. pages or handle custom codes.

How to do? Go to Tab SEO -> Schema -> Select the type you want.

Combination of Rankmath & Elementor

In addition to the main settings already presented, Rank Math also adds a lot of options to the SEO tab in the Elementor page builder in the Advanced section such as Robots Meta or setting a canonical URL for the page you are designing.

If you are using Elementor for your website, then combining it with Rank Math SEO plugin will be great for you to optimize your website and articles.

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Translation source : Quora

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