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Top 5 easiest free domain names to register

by Thạch Phạm
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You have an idea that you want to pursue, and you want to start that idea with a professional website, but your budget is limited. Don’t worry, with $0, you can have a beautiful domain name and start your idea today. Let’s explore 5 websites where you can buy a domain name for free with AZDIGI.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the address used to access a website. You can see it anywhere when you click on any website, as it is displayed in the search bar like azdigi.com, thachpham.com, etc.

To put it simply, if a website is compared to a house, then a domain name plays the role of an address for that house. It is the first step for people to come, knock on the door, and explore your house.

Domain names come in various extensions. Typically, you can find Vietnamese extensions like .vn, .com.vn, .edu.vn, or international domain extensions like .com, .info, .edu, .cf, etc., and many more.

However, a domain name only serves as an access address, so no matter which extension your domain name has, it doesn’t affect the access or any expected parameters of a website.

Domain name azdigi.com

5 websites offering free domain names

1. Freenom – Free Domain Name Provider

Freenom Free Domain Name

Freenom is one of the first and only free websites where you can find domain names with extensions such as .ML, .GA, .GQ, .CF for the first 12 months. If you want to use them for a longer period, the cost is also reasonable.

You don’t have to pay any fees during the first year of usage. This domain name can be used for websites, email accounts, and more.

Website: https://www.freenom.com/

2. Dot.tk – Free Lifetime Domain Name

Free .tk Domain Name

Dot.tk is a well-known and long-standing website that provides free domain names with the .tk extension. Unlike other websites, Dot.tk offers completely free .tk domain names that you can use indefinitely.

The free .tk domain name supports most professional features, including the ability to point to external nameservers for better management.

Website: http://www.dot.tk/

3. BIZ.LY – Free Domain Name Provider

Currently, Biz.ly operates with a free hosting package offering 50MB of storage along with a sub-domain name in the format domain domain.biz.ly, allowing the website to be accessible on the internet. This is a quite optimal choice if you need a free hosting package for learning and research purposes.

Website: http://www.biz.ly/


Therefore, the advice for you is that after registering a free domain name, you can point it to reputable hosting service providers in Vietnam to utilize hosting services.

With just 29,000 VND per month, AZDIGI will provide you with quality hosting services with a professional technical team. You will be supported in domain pointing and transferring all data to AZDIGI hosting services in case you are using hosting services overseas. All of these steps are fully supported by AZDIGI for free. Therefore, you can rest assured about your data and the domain pointing to the service provider.

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