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What is a Business Email? How many types of Business Emails?

by Thạch Phạm
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Business Email In addition to being an internal information exchange platform between employees, this is considered one of the effective marketing and customer care channels. For large enterprises that have a working process with international partners or have a B2B business model, Email is a way to recognize the professionalism of that business. So the professionalism of a business is not only It’s not about the product, it’s about how they equip an email.

That is why today, although there are many platforms for exchanging information, working or storing data, email is still the first choice for most businesses.

What is a Business Email?

Business email is a common communication between companies and businesses in negotiating, caring for, and maintaining relationships with customers or partners. This is an email service with the customer’s own domain name to serve in the exchange of transaction information and online shopping inside or outside the company.

In addition, the business email also helps to manage email content with large volumes, anti-spam helps build trust for partners and security within the company.

Advantages of Business Email:

  • Creating trust for customers, building image, reputation for businesses in the process of working or transmitting information through the use of email under the business’ own domain name (eg, support@azdigi.com).
  • Many built-in features make it possible to work on email with various tools, making it one of the most efficient data storage and workspaces, such as contact list synchronization, managing your calendar, or even online chat features that make internal communication faster.
  • Avoid the intrusion of viruses from many personal emails coming from different mail systems of employees in the enterprise. Anti-spam mail to keep the mailbox safe and prevent other actors.
  • User-friendly: Simple to use, easy to manipulate with many other utilities such as Outlook, Webmail, …. allows sending and receiving online and offline.

What are the types of business emails?

Currently, two types of email are commonly used by businesses: Email Server and Email Hosting. However, depending on the needs and costs of each business, it is possible to choose the right business email package.

The difference between email hosting and email server AZDIGI will be covered in another upcoming article.

Business Email - Pro Email hosting

Currently, with the development of businesses, email has become one of the popular communication routes between businesses and customers. Therefore, the AZDIGI team has built an email system that fully meets the needs of businesses. Helping businesses build a professional email system that meets the needs of transactions and security for businesses.

Learn more about AZDIGI’s services at https://azdigi.com/

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