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Install Mail Server on aaPanel

by Thạch Phạm
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Welcome back to the AZDIGI documentation channel. In today’s post, AZDIGI will show you to install Mail Server on aaPanel. In aaPanel, Mail Server is not set up, you need to set it up manually. So to install how, please follow the article below.

Step 1: Install PHP

Since the RoundCube source code requires PHP 5.6 – 7.3, you need to install a PHP version to work. Therefore, I will install PHP 7.3 for the RoundCube source code.

To install, go to App Store => Select PHP 7.3 => Install.

Install Mail Server on aaPanel

Step 2: Install RoundCube

RoundCube is one of the most popular mail management coders available today and is equipped with most of the Control Panels, including cPanel, DirectAdmin. To install RoundCube, I will install it through the one-click deployment application available on aaPanel.

To install RoundCube, go to AppStore => one-click deployment.

Install Mail Server on aaPanel

Next, select RoundCube => One-click to start the installation.

Install Mail Server on aaPanel

Then enter the following information:

  • Domain: You enter mail.tên-miền-của-bạn
  • Remark: Leave as default
  • Document root: Leave as default
  • Database: Leave as default
  • Source code: roundcube
  • PHP Version: Choose PHP below 7.4
Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 12.40.10

Then you click Submit and wait for 1 to 2 minutes for the system to install. When the installation is complete, you will receive the following message:

Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 12.43.53

Step 3: Install Mail Server

For email to work and create an account, you need to install a mail server. You click on the App Store, then find the App called mail server and click Install. The installation will take 1-2 minutes and after the installation is complete, a message will appear, and you should follow the dialog boxes.

Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 12.45.47

Now click to set up the mail domain and click Confirm if the dialog box appears.

Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 12.48.01

Next, you click Add Domain to add the domain using mail.

Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 12.49.19

Then enter the corresponding information, including:

  • Domain Name: Enter the domain name
  • A record: Enter your mail.tên-miền-của-bạn
Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 12.50.05

NOTE: If the message A record parsing failed appears, you need to point an A record with the email name to the IP of the VPS/server.

Once the domain has been added successfully, select Not Set to display important records for the next Mail configuration.

Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 12.54.13
Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 12.59.03

Step 4: Configure Mail records for the domain name

After you have obtained the DNS records, proceed to configure your DNS server corresponding to the following records:

  • MX: (mail exchanger) record is a record in the DNS zone that identifies which mail server is responsible for receiving email
  • SPF: (SPF Record – Sender Policy Framework) is a way to confirm whether an email server is allowed to send email under a certain domain name.
  • DKIM: (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is a method to help authenticate emails through the digital signature of the mailing domain, which helps to avoid email spoofing
  • DMARC: is a standard to block spammers from using the domain owner’s domain without their permission, which we often call spoofing
Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 13.01.30
Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 13.06.53

After fully updating the mail and verifying successfully, you will see the signs ✅ and the word OK

Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 13.18.07

Step 5: Create an account and use

This is the final step to create an account and use mail, you click on User to create a new account.

Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 13.12.34

In the Add User section, enter the following:

  • User type: General user
  • Name: display name
  • Email Address: mail account
  • Email Password: mail password (Password format is: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters)
  • MailBox space: mail account capacity
Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 13.14.33

Once created, I will access the webmail via the link mail.tên-miền-của-bạn

Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 13.15.06
Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 13.15.59
Screenshot 2021 05 16 at 13.16.31

Thus, AZDIGI has completed the steps to install Mail Server on aaPanel. Wishing you success.

See more useful articles about aaPanel at the following link:

If you need assistance, you can contact support in the ways below:

  • Hotline 247: 028 888 24768 (Ext 0)
  • Ticket/Email: You use the email to register for the service and send it directly to: support@azdigi.com .
  • Refer to Hosting/VPS service at AZDIGI website!
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