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How to authenticate and install SSL OV/EV

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SSL certificate service before being used must be verified, depending on the type of certificate, there will be different verification methods. Verification is divided into 2 types:

  • DV (Domain Validation): Common SSL services such as Comodo PositiveSSL, RapidSSL, etc. These types of certificates will be verified through the identity validation of the domain name.
  • OV (Organization Validation): The SSL digital certificate authenticates the website and verifies the business that owns that website.
  • EV (Extend Validation): Extended SSL services for businesses like GoGetSSL BusinessTrust EV. These types of certificates will be verified through business and domain identity validation.

And in this article, AZDIGI will guide you to verify a DV SSL certificate for GoGet SSL OV/EV service when registering at AZDIGI.

For a smooth installation without problems during verification, you need to check all documents and business information for accuracy, including Organization / Business Name, Domain Name, Address, Phone Number… In Vietnam, there are 3 online sites where the company accepts verification as follows:

Link 1: http://yp.vn/

Link 2: http://www.thongtincongty.com/

Link 3: http://www.yellowpages.vn/

For example, AZDIGI Joint Stock Company has been declared with the information as below:

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To do this, you can do the following steps:

Step 1: Generate CSR code

After successfully creating the CSR, remember to save the Private Key. Because if you lose your Private Key, you will not be able to import the certificate to the server.

Step 2: Send CSR to the company

In this step, you can see the instructions for SSL domain authentication at the link below because you must verify the domain first, then authenticate the Enterprise and AZDIGI already has a guide to install SSL for DV SSL services only authenticates the domain as the document below.

Step 3: Verify Enterprise

This is an important step, after completing this step, the company will issue the final certificate to you. Complete this step is quite time-consuming because it is against the time zone with the company.

You visit my.azdigi.com to find SSL service and see your Order ID, this is your order code with the company and you will exchange with the company through this Order ID code to identify the purchased product.

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To contact the company, you can contact via email or live chat, but I recommend that you chat directly with the company’s technical staff and verification department as the fastest.

You access Sectigo in the bottom right corner, there will be a chat icon, click on enter accurate and complete information to chat with its support staff.


In the chat, you notify the company that the domain verification has been completed, the next step is to verify the business, the company requires you to provide the Order ID again, you send the Order ID for the company to check. The company will then notify you that the verification department will call you directly through the phone number you registered in the business license (online declaration link above) to exchange information. Then you just wait for the phone and exchange.

After the exchange is complete, wait a few minutes, the company will proceed to send the final certificate to you.

  • Hotline 247: 028 888 24768 (Ext 0)
  • Ticket/Email: You can use your email to register for the service and send it directly to: support@azdigi.com

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