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How to install WordOps on the Ubuntu server

by Thạch Phạm
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WordOps provides fast and secure WordPress deployment with Nginx using simple and easy-to-remember commands. Added since EasyEngine v3, it’s been much more than the updated EEv3 version with a number of new features, including Wildcard SSL Certificates with DNS API authentication support, Linux kernel optimization, or a custom Nginx package New with TLS v1.3 and Cloudflare HTTP/2 HPACK support.

Configuration required

  • Minimum 512MB RAM.
  • Disk space (free hard drive) at least 100MB.
  • Supported OS: Ubuntu (16.04 64bit, 18.04 64bit), Debian (9 64 bit, 10 64 bit) and Raspbian (9 armv7l, 10 armv7l)

Install WordOps

Log in to the server via SSH and run the command below to start installing CyberPanel:

Update the system with the following command:

apt update -y

Install WordOps by executing the following command, the system will automatically install the included packages and launch WordOps

wget -qO wo wops.cc && sudo bash wo

Install WordOps Stack

wo stack install
NginxAPT packageWordOps web server
PHP 7.2APT packagePHP7.2-FPM
MariaDB 10.3APT packageOpen-source version of MySQL
WP-CLIBinaryThe WordPress command-line tool
ComposerBinaryPHP packages manager
MySQLTunerBinaryCommand-line tool to tune MySQL
Fail2banAPT packageAuthentication bruteforce protection
phpMyAdminWeb AppMySQL server web interface
AdminerWeb Applightweight phpMyAdmin alternative
OpcacheGUIWeb Appweb interface for Opcache monitoring
NetdataBinaryMonitoring suite
AnemometerWeb AppMySQL Slow Query Monitor
WordOps dashboardWeb AppBootstrap template for WordOps backend
eXtplorerWeb AppWeb File manager
cheat.shBinaryCommand-line Linux cheatsheet
SendmailAPT packageSendmail MTA

After the installation is complete and need to access the Backend of WordOps, enter the following command to get information:

wo secure --auth

Then you access the link below with the information you just got above

wordops 22222

Add website to WordOps

To add a website using PHP and MySQL according to the default configuration of WordOps, run the following command:

wo site create domain.ltd --php --mysql

Remember to repalce domain.ltd to the website domain name you need to add.

In case if you want to install a default WordPress website on your website, and configure NGINX for WordPress, you can add the website with the command:

wo site create domain.ltd --wp

Or if you want to use WordPress with PHP 8.1, add the --php81 parameter as follows:

wo site create domain.ltd --wp --php81

There are many other parameters when adding a website with WordOps, you can see more athttps://docs.wordops.net/getting-started/creating-sites/.

Wishing you success!

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