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Pro Gold Hosting: Elevate Your Website

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In November 2023, AZDIGI officially launched a ‘blockbuster’ called Pro Gold Hosting – The highest-end hosting series featuring Intel Xeon Gold chips in the cheap hosting segment.”

With the mission of ‘Elevating Vietnamese websites,’ AZDIGI is making relentless efforts every day to meet the highest expectations and deliver the best value to customers, setting a new standard for quality and dedication to the sustainable development of websites.

Highlights of Pro Gold Hosting compared to other cheap hosting options

In the recent Black Friday promotion, Pro Gold Hosting marked an incredible milestone with over 300 new registrations in just 3 days. This success not only reflects the outstanding achievement of the entire AZDIGI team but also serves as clear evidence of the exceptional quality and value that this service package brings. So what factors have made Pro Gold Hosting stand out in the market in such a short period?

Gia Pro Gold Hosting

Intel Xeon Gold Power

For the first time, a high-end server with Intel Scalable processors has appeared in the affordable hosting service, specifically the Intel Xeon Gold series.

The Intel Xeon Gold processor has the ability to support more processing cores, and with a Turbo Boost frequency of up to 3.7GHz per core, it simultaneously enhances the operating speed of websites and related applications to an optimal level.

Cost savings

At only 59,000 VND/month, you can significantly save costs and still experience high-quality hosting services with 6GB of NVMe storage, 2 CPU cores, and stable I/O read and write speeds of up to 200MB/s.

Với cấu hình này đã trở thành cấu hình tốt nhất ở thời điểm hiện tại cho chi phí dịch vụ chỉ từ 59.000 đồng, đáp ứng nhu cầu của mọi website từ cơ bản đến các website bán hàng trong điều kiện lượt truy cập vừa phải, thông qua việc hỗ trợ 2 nhân so với 1 nhân của các gói khác.

PowerEdge R640 Dell Server

The Dell PowerEdge R640 server is considered one of the best in terms of stability and scalability. It boasts high performance and robust security features. More importantly, maintaining a stable storage service is a decisive factor for Google rankings and the convenience of marketing and online sales strategies on your website.

NVMe U.2 Hard Drive RAID-10 Configuration

AZDIGI utilizes the Samsung NVMe PM9A3 hard drive with the U.2 standard, ensuring maximum performance and meeting the criteria of using multiple drives on the server. RAID-10 is configured to enhance data safety and reliability while improving performance compared to non-RAID setups. The NVMe hard drive achieves read speeds of 6900MB/s and write speeds of 4100MB/s, enhancing user experience and maintaining maximum performance.

LiteSpeed Webserver Technology

AZDIGI employs the proprietary LiteSpeed web server technology, providing maximum performance with the ability to accelerate website speed over 30 times compared to traditional Apache web servers and five times faster than NGINX. AZDIGI is committed to delivering a smooth online experience and superior performance for the websites we serve.

Latest Licensed cPanel Control Panel

AZDIGI uses the latest cPanel control panel, making website data management simple and convenient for customers. This is the most widely used control panel software globally, chosen by many as the leading administration tool.

CloudLinux OS Operating System

Enhancing the ability to resist 100% privilege escalation attacks, CloudLinux OS not only protects your data from complex network threats but also reinforces system safety and reliability.

Imunify360 Anti-Virus

Integrated with Imunify360’s real-time automatic malware scanning technology, your website will be rid of malware daily while maintaining maximum stability.

Pro Gold Hosting with the mission of “Elevating Vietnamese Websites”

With the “Elevating Vietnamese Websites” mission, AZDIGI continually invests in cutting-edge technologies to optimize customer experience. We always prioritize customer benefits and aim to provide the most effective website hosting solutions.

We understand that continuous innovation and progress are key to maintaining customer satisfaction. Therefore, AZDIGI not only invests in leading technologies but also regularly participates in research and development to consistently improve and offer the most advanced service packages, such as Pro Gold Hosting.

Additionally, AZDIGI focuses on enhancing the skills and expertise of its staff. Our team undergoes continuous training and knowledge updates to ensure they are always in the best state to support customers professionally and attentively.

AZDIGI aims to become a reliable partner for every business and organization in Vietnam, accompanying them on their online development journey. We believe that through continuous innovation, we can enhance the value and reputation of Vietnamese websites while promoting the growth of the online community.

What Customers Get with Pro Gold Hosting?

With the mission of “Elevating Vietnamese Websites,” Pro Gold Hosting is a special home equipped with many features optimized for the development of your website, offering:

  • Fast Website Speed

Pro Gold Hosting is optimized for high performance, ensuring that your website loads quickly and smoothly, helping maintain user satisfaction and improve SEO.

  • Reliability and Stability

With high responsiveness and a robust infrastructure, Pro Gold Hosting helps avoid downtime issues, keeping your website consistently stable.

  • Optimal security

Pro Gold Hosting integrates top-notch security measures such as the CloudLinux OS operating system and Imunify360 Anti-Virus, protecting your data from online threats and ensuring absolute safety for critical information.

  • Flexibility and Easy Managemen

The user-friendly interface of Pro Gold Hosting makes it easy for users to manage and optimize resources without requiring in-depth technical knowledge.

  • 24/7/365 Technical Support

A professional technical support team is always ready to assist you 24/7, providing you with absolute peace of mind anytime, anywhere.

  • $1600 Worth of WordPress Gifts

Receive a WordPress gift package with over 200 theme templates from MyThemeShop, Astra Theme, and licensed supporting plugins like WP Rocket, Smush Pro, Defender Pro, Seed Pro, WP Staging Pro, valued at $1600.

  • 7-Day Trial, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Within the first 30 days, if you are dissatisfied with the service quality, AZDIGI commits to a 100% refund of your fees.

  • 24/7 Data Migration

AZDIGI will assist you in migrating data from another cPanel hosting service to AZDIGI servers completely free of charge. To receive this support, simply submit a ticket to the Technical Department or contact via email support@azdigi.com.

  • Free WordPress Optimization

Free WordPress optimization is a special offer for AZDIGI hosting service users. We will optimize your website to load faster by configuring website settings.

  • Daily Backups

The system will automatically back up your host’s data every day and retain the 7 most recent copies. This allows you to easily restore part or all of your data whenever needed.


Pro Gold Hosting is not only a powerful improvement in the field of hosting in Vietnam but also sets a new standard for quality in the sustainable development of Vietnamese websites. With the power of the Intel Xeon Gold processor, cost savings, NVME U.2 RAID 10 hard drive, LiteSpeed Webserver technology, the latest cPanel control panel, CloudLinux OS operating system, and integrated Imunify360 Anti-Virus, Pro Gold Hosting promises to provide the best website hosting service experience for every customer.

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