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Turbo Business Hosting AZDIGI – The Next Generation: Pioneering Technology

by Thạch Phạm
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From late 2020 to early 2021, AZDIGI made a mark in the Vietnamese Web Hosting community by introducing a new service called Turbo Business Hosting. This service marked the first application of highly premium standards at that time, including Intel Xeon Platinum processors and NVMe U.2 RAID-10.

The primary goal of Turbo Business Hosting is to provide the most powerful business hosting service, meeting the storage and processing needs of heavy websites with the latest technologies in Web Hosting. After three years of development, Turbo Business Hosting has now reached a new milestone with the deployment of high-end Dell R650 servers, featuring Intel Xeon Platinum Gen 3 processors and NVMe U.3 RAID-10 storage on PCIe 4 technology, upgraded at the end of 2023. This makes Turbo Business Hosting a high-speed hosting service in the truest sense, with superior load-bearing capabilities.

It can be said that Turbo Business Hosting customers not only receive AZDIGI’s attention to service quality and professional technical support but also enjoy the use of the latest and best high-end technologies in Web Hosting.

In this article, let’s explore the new generation of Turbo Business Hosting using the latest Dell R650 servers, Intel Xeon Platinum Gen 3 processors, and NVMe U.3 RAID-10 storage on PCIe 4.

Dell R650 Server – Optimized Hardware Performance

To utilize the Intel Scalable Gen 3 processors, AZDIGI has selected the dedicated Dell-EMC R650 servers with the H755N RAID controller to set up a RAID-10 configuration with 8 NVMe U.2/U.3 drives on PCIe 4.

Dell R650 Server

Dell’s original servers have been trusted and chosen by AZDIGI since the early days of operation. Dell is a brand that synchronizes technologies and hardware components directly from the manufacturer, considered one of the most reputable and best server brands today, rather than using assembled components from smaller server brands. This helps ensure server stability over a long period, minimizes risks, and provides excellent hardware compatibility.

Intel Xeon Platinum Gen 3 CPU – Powerful for Better Load Bearing

Unlike Platinum processors from generations 1 and 2 that could operate on the same server system, the Intel Xeon Platinum Gen 3 processors will require dedicated servers that can support and operate them. Paired with the Dell R650 server, the high-end Intel Xeon Platinum Gen 3 CPU will enhance the following specifications according to Intel’s announcements.

  • 1.46x faster performance compared to the previous generation.
  • Memory bandwidth increased by up to 1.60x.
  • Support for more memory capacity, up to 2.66x compared to the previous generation.
  • The number of PCIe lanes per processing thread increased by 1.33x compared to the previous generation. Now, it supports PCIe 4.
Intel Xeon Platinum Gen 3 Technical Specifications

In addition to the premium features found in the Scalable processor line across all generations, this 3rd-generation processor supports a technology called Intel® Speed Select Technology – Performance Profile (Intel® SST-PP) This technology allows administrators to adjust the processor’s power to prioritize clock speed or the number of cores. In clock speed priority mode, the number of usable processing cores will decrease, but the clock speed will increase, or vice versa, using the maximum number of cores at standard clock speed.

Through this technology, AZDIGI will set up Turbo Business Hosting servers to operate at the highest clock speed, accelerating processes such as Webserver software, MySQL Databases, etc., to create the most superior load-bearing hosting service. This is crucial for e-commerce websites to maintain stability during traffic spikes, such as during holidays or promotional events.

NVMe PCIe 4 Technology – Up to 7 Times Faster Than the Previous Generation

Not only is the processing power more robust, but the data processing speed on Turbo Business Hosting has also been elevated to a higher level with support for the fourth generation PCI Express (PCIe 4) slot. This enables the NVMe hard drive used in this server to achieve a maximum read/write speed of up to 64,000 MB/s, equivalent to 100 times faster than hard drives interfacing via the SATA slot.

AZDIGI utilizes up to 8 brand-new NVMe U.3 drives fully compatible with PCIe 4 on the server. Coupled with the RAID controller H755N on the Dell R650 server, the RAID-10 configuration will deliver superior speed, up to 7 times faster than the Dell R640 server system used in the previous Turbo Business Hosting or the current Premium Business Hosting.

According to Dell’s practical test, the results show significant differences as below.

Random read/write speed when setting up RAID-10 on the new server will improve speeds up to 7 times for read and nearly 8 times for write. In terms of response latency, the PCIe 4-supported hard drive also shows an improvement rate of nearly 100%.

The significantly improved read/write speed of the hard drive will help the hosting server process MySQL database tasks better by continuously reading and writing data to the drive every second without the risk of overload. Additionally, the 7 times faster file copying speed provides more flexibility, accelerating the website multiple times when handling high-data read/write tasks.

Along with the “Platinum Standard” of AZDIGI Hosting Services

With Turbo Business Hosting, in addition to having the most powerful, newest, and best server system, what makes the AZDIGI brand a top choice for critical business websites are the “gold standards” formed by AZDIGI during its 8 years of operation, providing the best experiences for service users. These standards include:

Exclusive Turbo Technology

On every AZDIGI service, the system is always optimized in a completely unique way to maximize suitability. With Turbo Business Hosting, Turbo technology at AZDIGI is a set of in-depth adjustments within each installed software, along with a synchronous system of genuine servers to deliver the highest performance. This has been proven in numerous user evaluation tests published on websites/blogs, demonstrating that the speed and load-bearing capabilities of the service are superior.

Premium Software Licenses

AZDIGI only and always uses 100% licensed software when providing services to customers, including software related to Turbo Business Hosting services. The use of full-featured licensed software helps the server operate stably by regularly updating bug fixes. Customers can experience new features in each software version. On the AZDIGI hosting system, software licenses include:

  • cPanel/WHM management software license. The best and most popular hosting interface software, also the most expensive today.
  • CloudLinux OS operating system license. An operating system designed specifically for hosting servers, preventing 100% of local-attacks to avoid cross-attacks or privilege escalation as before.
  • LiteSpeed Webserver license. The most efficient web server software today.
  • JetBackup license. Backup management software on hosting servers, widely used.
  • Softaculous license. Software that supports automatic installation of over 500 PHP source codes onto websites.
  • Imunify360 license. The best web firewall (WAF) and scan/cleanse malware software today.

In addition to ensuring the license, Turbo Business Hosting is equipped with the highest level of license for supporting software. For example, with LiteSpeed Webserver, the Elite version will be used to maximize the CPU power of Platinum Gen 3, or CloudLinux OS Shared Pro will be used for the highest level of features with X-RAY and AccelerateWP.

Robust Network Infrastructure and High Security

AZDIGI’s hosting server system is located in the company’s own infrastructure in two largest data centers in the South, including Viettel IDC Binh Duong and FPT IDC Tan Thuan. With a total bandwidth of 80Gbps and a 10Gbps network port for each server, the service will always ensure high-frequency access with network speeds up to 1GB/s.

All hosting server systems are enhanced with security through the CloudLinux OS operating system, ensuring that each hosting package on the same server is completely separate and operates independently of each other. Resources such as CPU and RAM are divided to avoid server overload. This setup also prevents 100% of the possibility of attacks using the local-attack method (privilege escalation attack through another account on the same system). The server hosting process is tightly controlled through internal security methods, ensuring customer data is always kept private.

Dedicated IP Addresses

Each service package is equipped with a dedicated IP address (from Turbo BH-3 onwards), ensuring the privacy of incoming and outgoing connections. This ensures the highest stability and minimizes the possibility of IP addresses falling into the blacklist of global anti-spam organizations.

Therefore, a Turbo Business Hosting service package will have abundant resources, up to 16 CPU cores, along with a dedicated IP address, making it a perfect alternative for non-technical users compared to VPS (Virtual Private Server) solutions.

Separate Backup System

All Hosting services at AZDIGI support automatic daily backups and store the seven most recent copies. Customers can restore full or partial data at any time.

Backups are stored on a dedicated system designed specifically for data storage, equipped with high-durability storage hard drives to ensure the safety of backups even in the event of technical server issues.

Highly Praised 4-Tier Technical Support

When it comes to AZDIGI, in addition to premium service quality, it is also known for having top-notch technical support services. This is built by a team of experienced technicians trained comprehensively from technical skills to communication skills with customers. AZDIGI has applied a 4-tier specialized technical support policy for many years to ensure that every support request is handled thoroughly, maintaining 24/7/365 support for the past 8 years.

AZDIGI – Developing for Customers

Turbo Business Hosting is not just a Web Hosting service but also the result of the relentless efforts of AZDIGI’s research team and leadership toward the best, highest-quality service at a corresponding cost to serve the Vietnamese people by the Vietnamese.

Turbo Business Hosting at AZDIGI is committed to bringing the latest and best technologies globally, from software to server hardware systems. This has been demonstrated through three comprehensive upgrades during the product development process.

AZDIGI continues to tirelessly research and improve service quality with a philosophy centered around customer satisfaction and experience. The company closely monitors customer needs for a service that is powerful and reliable enough for critical website systems. This helps maintain and develop a brand that AZDIGI has been and is trusted by hundreds of thousands of websites operating across the entire system.

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