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Automatically speed up WordPress with AccelerateWP on Business Hosting

by Thạch Phạm
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At AZDIGI, business hosting packages such as Premium Business Hosting and Turbo Business Hosting utilize the premium CloudLinux OS Shared Pro. In this version, there is a very useful feature for WordPress users called AccelerateWP, which helps optimize and automatically speed up websites.

In this article, AZDIGI will introduce AccelerateWP and AccelerateWP Premium integrated into business hosting services and how to activate and use this feature.

What is AccelerateWP?

AccelerateWP is a feature added by CloudLinux in the CloudLinuxOS Solo, CloudLinux OS Admin, and CloudLinux OS Shared Pro versions (the version AZDIGI is using on servers). This feature is integrated into the cPanel dashboard, allowing users to quickly optimize their WordPress website by configuring caching techniques with just a few simple clicks.

screenshot 2023 11 21 15.22.17@2x

After activation, it will automatically install an optimization plugin called AccelerateWP on the WordPress website hosted, and activate its usage. This plugin cannot be installed in the usual way but only through a hosting account that has this feature integrated.

screenshot 2023 11 21 15.23.50@2x

If you’ve been using WordPress for many years, you’ll easily recognize that the AccelerateWP plugin is essentially another version of WP-Rocket with similar features. However, there will still be some differences that AZDIGI will analyze below. Moreover, as long as the host supports this feature, you can use this plugin without having to purchase a WP-Rocket license.

AccelerateWP Premium

In addition to the regular AccelerateWP feature integrated for free in business hosting services, customers have the option to purchase AccelerateWP Premium for business hosting services at AZDIGI to use the advanced features of AccelerateWP. The fee provided by AZDIGI is 70,000 VND per month. The Premium version includes:

Critical Path CSS

Speed up the website and increase Google PageSpeed Insights scores through the feature of automatically extracting and separating the CSS used on all pages, which is loaded before the website completes loading. This feature is highly effective on heavy websites with complex interfaces containing many CSS components.

Image Optimization

After activation, all images on the website will automatically generate a version in the .webp format and load it into browsers that support WebP. With regular WebP creation plugins, extensive configuration is often required, or they may only be available in premium plugins. Therefore, this tool provides the simplest solution for websites to use this new and optimized image format.

Object Cache

This feature will automatically activate Redis Cache on the hosting and set it up on the website through the automatic installation of the Redis Object Cache plugin. It helps cache the memory of PHP objects processed frequently to save loading time in subsequent instances. This is especially useful for highly dynamic websites such as e-commerce sites that require continuous user interaction with the shopping cart.

Activating AccelerateWP

Before using AccelerateWP, you need to be aware that it only works under the following conditions:

  • The website is not using any caching plugins.
  • You should disable the AZ Redis feature on hosting if activated.
  • AccelerateWP does not support WordPress Multisite.
  • Your website is operational and accessible.

Activate Free AccelerateWP

To activate the free AccelerateWP feature, you access the cPanel interface of the hosting package and look for the AccelerateWP feature.

screenshot 2023 11 21 22.10.35@2x

After that, click the setup button and enable the AccelerateWP option.

screenshot 2023 11 21 22.14.17@2x
screenshot 2023 11 21 22.15.11@2x

Once enabled, you can access the WordPress admin page, where you’ll find the AccelerateWP feature under the Settings section. Now, you can use it without additional setup.

screenshot 2023 11 21 22.17.25@2x

To check if your website has become faster, you can open a different browser or log out of your website and try accessing your homepage.

Activate AccelerateWP Premium

To use AccelerateWP Premium, you need to purchase the additional service, AccelerateWP Premium when registering for a business hosting service (Premium Business Hosting and Turbo Business Hosting), as shown below: The duration of this feature will be the same as the duration of the purchased hosting package.

screenshot 2023 11 21 22.20.58@2x

Alternatively, if you have previously subscribed to hosting, you can purchase additional options by going to the Upgrade Options section on the service management page. The fee will be calculated based on the remaining usage period of the hosting package you are adding.

screenshot 2023 11 21 22.23.06@2x

Immediately after purchasing AccelerateWP Premium, you revisit the AccelerateWP section in cPanel and click the activate button, then enable the features in the premium version as shown below:

screenshot 2023 11 21 22.25.02@2x
screenshot 2023 11 21 22.25.21@2x

After enabling it, two additional options will appear in Settings => AccelerateWP on the website, specifically File Optimization => Optimize Delivery (for the Critical Path CSS feature) and Media => Enable optimization (for the Image Optimization feature).

For the Object Cache feature, you will find it activated in Settings => Redis.

screenshot 2023 11 21 22.28.51@2x

Now you can rest assured that the features are working without the need for any further actions.


It can be seen that integrating the AccelerateWP feature into hosting will make it more convenient for WordPress website users to optimize their website speed, along with the enhanced features in the AccelerateWP Premium version to make the website more scalable and optimized.

If you encounter any difficulties in activating this feature, please contact the technical support department at https://azdigi.co/ticketkythuat or the hotline at 028.888.24768 for the fastest assistance.

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