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What is cPanel Reseller Hosting Service?

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cPanel Reseller Hosting service at AZDIGI is provided on the cPanel control panel platform for customers who need a solution to create their hosting package according to their hard drive resources and bandwidth for personal use or provision to your customers.

With a Reseller account, customers can:

  • Create service packages according to your parameters such as hard drive, bandwidth, addon domain, sub-domain, …
  • Monitor and get full access to host packages created by yourself.
  • Use separate nameserver pairs according to your own domain (eg, ns1.domain.com, ns2.domain.com).
  • It can be integrated into software that automates the sale of hosts, such as WHMCS, BoxBilling, HostBill,… to create automatic packages.
  • Self-business Web Hosting service with the lowest cost.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do my customers know AZDIGI when I’m Reseller?

Of course NOT. All cPanel control panels for end users are white label, customers can customize their own branding, including their own logo, interface and nameservers. AZDIGI also commits not to interfere with the data of the Reseller’s customers and only receives information from the Reseller.

2. Do I need technical knowledge to operate for my customers?

Absolutely NOT. You just need to focus on the business, find and guide customers to sign up for your service to make a profit. AZDIGI will ensure all remaining technical issues, such as ensuring network connectivity, server security, monitoring and handling software and hardware errors, software updates,…

3. What features does the cPanel Reseller Hosting service include, is there SSD and LiteSpeed?

You will become a Reseller of the most prestigious and high-class Web Hosting service in Vietnam with features such as:

  • cPanel and WHM control panel.
  • CloudLinux operating system is 100% local-attack resistant and the server is not affected when one of your customers uses a lot of resources.
  • LiteSpeed Webserver Enterprise with LSCache for website acceleration up to 300% more than Apache, NGINX.
  • Automatically backup every day with JetBackup software and the Reseller can manage and restore for each customer.
  • Speed up your website with Redis Cache.
  • Free CloudFlare Railgun.
  • Dedicated Enterprise SSD hard drives for servers with RAID-10.
  • Softaculous software suite installs more than 400 source codes automatically such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart,…
  • Smart firewall and malware scanning software with Imunify360, ensuring that the server is always clean of malicious code.
  • Technical support for Reseller 24/7/365.

As such, you can use the features above to promote your services.

4. Do the service packs created by Reseller have RAM, CPU, Processes setup?

Accounts created by Reseller will not be configured with RAM, CPU, Processes, Disk I/O, IOPS parameters, but will use the following default parameters for each account:

  • RAM: 1GB
  • CPU: 100% CPU Core
  • Disk I/O: 10MB/s
  • IOPS: 1024
  • Entry Processes: 50
  • Number Processes: 100

This is a standard and quite a high configuration to be able to run a small and mid-range website, so you can rest assured to provide it to customers.

5. Are customers allowed to contact AZDIGI while using my services as AZDIGI’s Reseller?

AZDIGI will refuse to support as well as receive information from individuals/organizations that are not AZDIGI’s customers. That customer is yours and we only support Reseller.

6. Can the Reseller Hosting service be upgraded?

Definitely CAN, you can upgrade to another higher Reseller plan if the number of customers increases.

7. How to start becoming a Reseller?

You just need to sign up for the right cPanel Reseller Hosting service package and you can become a Reseller immediately when the service is activated and start generating profits from your own Web Hosting.

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