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Why should you care about website speed?

by Thạch Phạm
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For beginners or those without in-depth technical knowledge, website speed may not be a top priority. It gains a certain level of importance when users spend enough time on the website and acquire sufficient knowledge.

However, as a provider of services behind hundreds of thousands of websites in the Vietnamese market, AZDIGI is well aware of the importance of improving and optimizing website speed. We understand how crucial website speed is for a website.

In this article, AZDIGI will help you understand the significance of website speed and the benefits it brings.

Is website speed really important?

The answer is yes. There is a saying, “Distance comes first, speed comes second.” With a website serving customers in the vast online environment, the distance between businesses and customers is merely a laptop or a mobile phone screen. So, how can customers choose to access and stay on your website among thousands of competing websites offering similar products?

Imagine a day at the end of the month when you receive your salary and eagerly search for a product you love to choose where to purchase it. Fortunately, your website is selected to click on. However, the customer’s excitement will vanish immediately if your website runs as slow as a turtle. So you have lost a potential customer.

Even if you have a beautifully designed website with well-invested product images and attractive promotional combos, if the means of connecting those investments to potential customers, which is your website, have slow speed, the opportunity to make sales will significantly decrease compared to a website that is invested in terms of speed.

So what happens if your website speed improves?

1. Website speed helps improve website ranking on search engines

One of the factors Google evaluates for a user-friendly website is page loading speed. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, it leads to a poor user experience and high bounce rate, which can negatively impact your website’s ranking in search results.
Conversely, if you invest in website speed and provide users with a smooth experience, Google will help boost your website’s ranking in search results.

2. Website speed boosts sales campaigns

As mentioned before, in the online environment, websites are crucial sales channels and are considered online stores that connect businesses’ images and products to customers.

Regardless of having a quality product and a great promotional campaign, if your means of connection, which is your website, is not smooth in terms of speed, your chances of making sales and reaching customers will decrease. Therefore, improving website speed will greatly enhance sales campaigns and help you compete with external competitors.

3. Website speed provides a good and professional experience for customers

Your customers may not make a purchase on their first visit, but a smooth browsing and product search experience will leave a positive impression of your business. This will encourage customers to return for future purchases of similar products that you offer.
Furthermore, not every business pays attention to website speed and invests in customer experience in the online environment. Therefore, if your business focuses on and invests in these aspects, it will demonstrate your sophistication and professionalism, making customers remember you.

So why would you neglect website speed when entering the e-commerce market?

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