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What are the 7 factors that affect your website speed in 2022?

by Thạch Phạm
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40% of users will leave if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, and according to Google’s data from Google Analytics, the customer bounce rate is primarily caused by slow website loading speed. 

Especially for e-commerce businesses, the importance of loading speed is evident.  

In a previous article, AZDIGI discussed the significance of speed for websites.In this article, AZDIGI will explore the factors that influence website speed in 2022.  

What is page speed? 

Page speed refers to the time it takes for each page on your website to load and is measured in seconds. The speed of web pages can be affected and influenced by various factors. Apart from factors like internet connection, server performance, the device you are using, the browser, and the number of people accessing the web, which are beyond your control, there are still factors that you can manage. 

Therefore, website owners should invest time and effort in optimizing their websites to ensure they perform optimally and have fast page loading speeds. 

Factors that impact website speed in 2022 

1. Unoptimized Images  

toi uu hinh anh

Unoptimized images are often the most common reason behind a slow-loading website. High-resolution and large-sized images can consume significant bandwidth while loading. 

The image format is an important factor to consider.  For example, JPEG images have much smaller file sizes compared to other image formats like PNG or GIF. Therefore, your website can load faster if you use JPEG images instead of PNG/GIF. 

For large images, try compressing and resizing them before uploading to save time and storage space. 

2. Unoptimized Browsers and Plugins 

Page speed can be affected by unoptimized browsers, plugins, and applications. Therefore, it’s important to test your website on all browsers to control the speed and identify the causes for timely troubleshooting. 

3. Excessive Advertisements 

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Advertisements not only diminish the user experience but can also slow down your website. The most apparent impact of ad overload is the addition of extra HTTP requests, requiring more time for your website to process those requests. Consider limiting the number of advertisements, especially display ads, to ensure better performance for your website.  

4. JavaScript Issues  

JavaScript/jQuery greatly supports web developers in creating fast interactions on websites. However, if implemented incorrectly, JavaScript can significantly impair page loading speed. It takes time for jQuery and JavaScript to complete their processes, leading to delays in page loading. In fact, in WordPress, JavaScript rendering is one of the most common issues causing page load delays. 

5. Excessive Flash Content 

Although Flash is a great tool for adding interactivity to your website, it can also slow down page loading speed. The larger the size of Flash content files, the slower your website will be. Reducing the size of your Flash files or completely removing them will significantly improve your page loading speed. If you want to make your website faster, consider using HTML5 to replace your existing Flash content. 

6. Caching

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Caching is known as a powerful tool to improve website performance. It allows you to store frequently accessed data points in memory, which is saved in a cache. Any subsequent requests with the same content will be served from the cached memory. This helps speed up the overall data retrieval process. By implementing browser/HTTP caching and server-side caching, you can experience significant improvements in your website’s performance. 

7. Hosting Service, VPS, or Server 

If you have tried fixing all the above causes and your page load speed is still slow, it may be an issue with your hosting provider. This is an indication that you need to work with your current provider or consider switching to a new hosting provider that can address this problem for you.
When searching for a hosting service, it’s important to choose a suitable hosting service that can meet the scale, the scope of your business, and the content to be hosted on your website. Additionally, the service provider should be reputable and committed to providing prompt support when needed. 

In particular, you should also select a provider that offers diverse service packages with various segments, making it easy for you to upgrade when necessary. 

AZDIGI is an excellent choice, and you can explore AZDIGI’s services here

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