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Monitoring MySQL/MariaDB with Zabbix Agent

by Thạch Phạm
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Monitoring MySQL/MariaDB with Zabbix Agent with 2 simple steps.


Continuing with the Zabbix series, then in this article, AZDIGI will show you how to monitor MySQL/MariaDB with Zabbix Agent on your server. You can check out the previous articles of the Zabbix series here.

Before going into MySQL/MariaDB monitoring setup, you need to ensure that on the server to be monitored, MySQL/MariaDB has successfully installed Zabbix Agent . If you have not installed it, you can refer to the instructions below:

Configuration Guide

Step 1: Configure MySQL

  • Create User
AZDIGI Tutorial
mysql -uroot -p
Enter password:
GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO 'user'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'pass';
  • Declare the newly created User/Password

You proceed to create a zabbix folder and create an additional .my.cnf file inside the zabbix folder by following the two commands below:

AZDIGI Tutorial
mkdir /var/lib/zabbix
vi /var/lib/zabbix/.my.cnf

Then copy the content below into the .my.cnf file you just created (replace it with your User/Password)

user = zbx_monitor
password = zabbix
  • Check configuration

    Check the file /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf has the line below (if not, please add it).
AZDIGI Tutorial

Next, you check in the directory /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.d/ there will be a file userparameter_mysql.conf. If you haven’t already, you need to manually create this file and add the following content:

# For all the following commands HOME should be set to the directory that has .my.cnf file with password information.

# Flexible parameter to grab global variables. On the frontend side, use keys like mysql.status[Com_insert].
# Key syntax is mysql.status[variable].
UserParameter=mysql.status[*],echo "show global status where Variable_name='$1';" | HOME=/var/lib/zabbix mysql -N | awk '{print $$2}'

# Flexible parameter to determine database or table size. On the frontend side, use keys like mysql.size[zabbix,history,data].
# Key syntax is mysql.size[<database>,<table>,<type>].
# Database may be a database name or "all". Default is "all".
# Table may be a table name or "all". Default is "all".
# Type may be "data", "index", "free" or "both". Both is a sum of data and index. Default is "both".
# Database is mandatory if a table is specified. Type may be specified always.
# Returns value in bytes.
# 'sum' on data_length or index_length alone needed when we are getting this information for whole database instead of a single table
UserParameter=mysql.size[*],bash -c 'echo "select sum($(case "$3" in both|"") echo "data_length+index_length";; data|index) echo "$3_length";; free) echo "data_free";; esac)) from information_schema.tables$([[ "$1" = "all" || ! "$1" ]] || echo " where table_schema=\"$1\"")$([[ "$2" = "all" || ! "$2" ]] || echo "and table_name=\"$2\"");" | HOME=/var/lib/zabbix mysql -N'

UserParameter=mysql.ping,HOME=/var/lib/zabbix mysqladmin ping | grep -c alive
UserParameter=mysql.version,mysql -V
  • Restart Zabbix Agent
AZDIGI Tutorial
sudo systemctl restart zabbix-agent

Step 2: Add Host and Templates MySQL/MariaDB

Now you proceed to add Host and Templates MySQL/MariaDB to the Zabbix server. At the Zabbix Server interface, go to

Configuration >> Host >> Create Host

Set up server monitoring with Zabbix Server

Now you need fill in the necessary information as shown below:

Monitoring MySQL/MariaDB with Zabbix Agent
Click Add to update the configuration.

As shown below, you have completed the configuration.

Monitoring MySQL/MariaDB with Zabbix Agent

Thus, AZDIGI has shown you how to configure MySQL/MariaDB monitoring on Zabbix in the most detail so that you can easily monitor your server and handle it quickly if there is a problem. Hope this article will help you, wish you success.

You can refer to other instructions at the link below:

If you need assistance, you can contact support in the ways below:

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