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4 factors to help your website always run fast on AZDIGI’s Web Hosting

by Thạch Phạm
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Web Hosting at AZDIGI launched is highly appreciated by customers with the stable access speed, good optimization ability on all website source code using PHP with high-security mode.

It can be seen that all services at AZDIGI are provided with the goal of helping customers’ websites achieve the best speed to optimize revenue on the website and be absolutely stable.

So how did AZDIGI do it? In this article, AZDIGI will “reveal” to you why websites hosted at AZDIGI have very good speeds.

Factors to increase website speed on web hosting at AZDIGI

Optimize front-end processing speed on Web Hosting

Front-end refers to the elements that are visible to the user on the website, such as image files, videos or CSS/Javascript structures. To have a website with the best speed, the first thing to do is to make the files outside the website load as fast as possible, thereby reducing the browser’s connection time to get the final result that the website loads in the blink of an eye.

The factor that affects the speed of front-end processing is webserver technology and hard drive speed. So there are two technologies on every Hosting server to solve this problem: LiteSpeed Webserver and SSD Enterprise or NVME SSD (NVME Hosting).

AZDIGI is and only uses LiteSpeed Webserver Enterprise as a webserver system on all Hosting service servers, including the cheapest service packages or even free services in the future.

Performance of LiteSpeed Webserver when compared to Apache, NGINX

It is no coincidence that AZDIGI chose this technology, LiteSpeed Webserver Enterprise is considered the fastest webserver technology today with many special technologies such as HTTP/3 protocol, caching in RAM instead of the hard drive. Not only is it optimized for speed, but LiteSpeed Webserver also has the ability to enhance security, especially for WordPress open source to limit brute-force attacks.

Especially on the NVME Hosting service, the LiteSpeed Webserver runs directly on the NVME SSD hard drive, so it will work efficiently at maximum capacity because the data read/write speed is many times higher than the Enterprise SSD hard drive.

Increase the processing speed of PHP on Web Hosting

No matter how fast the front-end processing speed is, if the website’s PHP processing speed is slow, the browser will still load longer than usual or crash.

AZDIGI applies the current latest PHP versions such as PHP 7.3, PHP 7.4 to help the website work faster. In addition, due to the use of LiteSpeed Webserver, the PHP compiler will use LiteSpeed PHP with LiteSpeed SAPI helps the connection between PHP and LiteSpeed Webserver be more synchronized, thereby taking advantage of the power of LiteSpeed Webserver to optimize the processing speed of PHP.

Of course, these technologies will not be able to maximize without fine-tuning to suit the system, and with each different Hosting service, AZDIGI has tweaked ways to be more suitable.

Increase the processing speed of MySQL on Web hosting

Perhaps the problem that AZDIGI faces the most challenge is optimizing the performance of the MySQL Database on the server. Every website using PHP today such as WordPress, Laravel, Magento, … all use MySQL as a database management system, the processing speed of MySQL will be the key to a website with a large amount of data. as large as e-commerce sites, information pages with many articles, …

With MySQL, AZDIGI will use the MariaDB software instead of using MySQL because it has been proven to be more efficient in use than the regular MySQL version.

As you all know, MySQL data will be written directly to the hard drive and this is the task that uses the most read/write bandwidth of the hard drive. That’s why on every Hosting server at AZDIGI, we use a set of special technologies that optimize specifically for MySQL so that it works independently on the server to ensure the best performance even when the server is working at high capacity.

Free WordPress optimization on web hosting

In addition to having a web hosting system ttable and high speed with the above factors, there is another more special factor for customers using the open source WordPress code that AZDIGI also helps customers’ websites to be further optimized from the service. free WordPress pros.

This will help your website not only always load quickly within 1 second at all times, but also help save CPU and RAM resources of the hosting package, thereby being able to withstand many visits at the same time.

And for free WordPress Optimization support, you can contact the technical department for the fastest support.


With the advantage of having a knowledgeable and experienced team on how websites work, AZDIGI has constantly researched to be able to apply the most supporting technologies to always stick to the goal of making all of our websites. customers become the fastest.

In addition, all customers using the service at AZDIGI will also receive technical support regardless of day and night and Tet holidays within 15 minutes to achieve the highest peace of mind. And that is also how AZDIGI has existed and developed for the past 5 years to always gain the highest trust of customers.

Contact us now to experience the most prestigious hosting service in Vietnam:

  • Hotline: 028 888 24768 (Press 1 to meet the Sales Department)
  • Email: sale@azdigi.com
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