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The features of NVMe U.2 RAID-10 technology at AZDIGI

by Thạch Phạm
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Recently, with the launch of Turbo Business Hosting service, AZDIGI has officially become the first provider in Vietnam to integrate NVMe U.2 RAID-10 hard drives into web server hosting services.

So, what are the features of NVMe U.2 RAID-10 that made AZDIGI choose it for integration into Turbo Business Hosting, and why is it considered the most powerful hard drive today? Let’s explore with AZDIGI!

What is NVMe U.2?

NVME (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is the best interface standard for current SSDs in both PC and enterprise server segments.. It was introduced in 2011 by a group of 13 members including major players such as Dell, Intel, Samsung, Microsoft, and others.

13 members created NVME hard drive
13 members created NVME U.2 RAID-10

Currently, NVMe comes in three main form factors: PCIe card slot, M.2, and U.2. Among these three form factors, U.2 is exclusively used in the NVMe protocol and is the only interface that fully unleashes NVMe’s performance on servers.

So, what is the role and outstanding performance of NVMe U.2 that AZDIGI applies to the highest-end hosting service today, Turbo Business Hosting? Let’s find out.

Outstanding Performance of NVMe U.2 RAID-10 at AZDIGI

As mentioned earlier, among the three form factors of NVMe, U.2 is the form factor (or standard) that allows NVMe to perform at its best and fully unleash its capabilities.

Therefore, compared to the other two form factors, NVMe U.2 is undoubtedly the best and most effective choice for maximizing its performance in enterprise hosting, including:

High data security

raid 10
RAID-10 configuration

One of the main reasons for using RAID-10 is its high data security. The server can continue to operate normally even if two hard drives encounter issues. With a RAID-10 setup, the server needs at least 4 different hard drives with the same brand, model, and capacity. Hence, with regular NVMe drives that use PCIe interface, this requirement cannot be met due to the limited number of slots on the server.

At Turbo Business Hosting by AZDIGI, we utilize 8 NVMe U.2 hard drives to fully meet the criteria for RAID-10 configuration.

High performance

Compared to regular SSDs, NVMe has the capability to support more than 64K I/O queues and process 64K commands per queue. This allows for parallel data reading and writing, resulting in a significant increase in read and write speeds of up to 10GB/s, which is 10 times faster than traditional SSDs.

In real-world testing conducted by AZDIGI, using NVMe U.2 drives without RAID-10 achieved speeds of approximately 3GB/s for reads and nearly 2GB/s for writes.

nvme u2 non raid
NVMe U.2 Drive Speed without RAID

After setting up RAID-10 with 8 NVMe U.2 drives simultaneously, the read and write speeds increased by about 3 times, reaching 9GB/s for reads and 3.4GB/s for writes.

1 4disk
NVMe U.2 RAID-10 Drive Speed


The valuable performance capabilities of NVMe U.2 RAID-10 make it the most powerful solution, albeit expensive. Consequently, this hard drive standard is less commonly used in current web hosting services.

However, to provide the best performance optimization, AZDIGI utilizes the latest dedicated Dell servers integrated with NVME U.2 RAID-10 drives and the powerful Intel Xeon Platinum processor in the Turbo Business Hosting enterprise hosting service. This offers customers with data-intensive websites or high-traffic volumes a suitable upgrade option instead of relying on virtual server alternatives.

AZDIGI not only offers the fastest and most powerful web hosting package but also commits to 24/7/365 technical support across four dedicated support tiers to address any customer issues comprehensively.

If your business is seeking a robust enterprise hosting solution with the latest technological platforms and optimal technical support, Turbo Business Hosting is the perfect choice today.

Contact AZDIGI’s Sales Department for consultation and free data migration support to AZDIGI today.

  • Email: sales@azdigi.com
  • Hotline: 028 888 24768
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