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Types of SSL certificates for websites

by Thạch Phạm
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When it comes to SSL certificates, we often think of a solution to secure user information for websites that are indispensable today. Not only secure user information, but SSL also plays a role in helping the website increase its credibility as well as being more friendly with Google search engines.

How many types of SSL certificates? Which type is right for your business? Let’s explore with AZDIGI the 3 most popular SSL types today.

Types of SSL Certificates

DV SSL (Domain Validation)

DV (Domain validation) is the most basic type of certificate for individuals and businesses, DV SSL will verify based on the owner of the domain name.

It has an automatic authentication role to ensure the domain name is registered and requested by the administrator. To complete this validation, webmasters only need to authenticate via email or configure DNS records for the site. The disadvantage of this certificate is that it doesn’t support other forms of identity authentication on the certificate, so the credibility may be lower than that of higher-level certificates.

Validation time: minutes to hours

This certificate provides very little SSL identification, so this type of SSL is only recommended for websites that customers visit that do not place importance on security or do not require users to provide personal information when accessing the website.

OV SSL (Organization Validation)

OV (organization validation) is an organization-validated certificate that requires resellers to verify ownership of the domain name plus the organization’s information (name, city, state, and country). Similar to a low assurance certificate, it requires additional documentation to verify the company’s identity.

Validation time: Due to the need to verify the business identity, this certificate will take 5-7 days, sometimes longer if more information is needed.

To have this type of certificate, the person being authenticated must be an organization or a business with a license to operate, so often websites using this certificate will have a higher reputation. This certificate is recommended for businesses and companies.

EV SSL (Extended Validation)

EV (Extended Validation) is an extended certificate for the above OV SSL type, but there will be a difference in displaying the organization/company name in the browser bar, so it will cost more. This certificate is also often recommended for e-commerce, banking or business-critical websites.

However, the sad thing is that now, the new version browsers no longer support displaying the business name of the EV SSL certificate, but the information about the authentic business will still be displayed if the user clicks on the blue padlock on the browser.

Validation time: Like OV, this certificate takes time to verify identity so validation time can range from days to weeks or more.

In short, whether you are an individual or a business, it is very necessary to equip your website with SSL, but it is necessary to choose reputable providers to avoid causing serious problems in terms of information security.

AZDIGI is currently becoming one of the reputable SSL providers for many businesses to help your website be fully secure, help increase brand recognition for customers and get free 24/7/365 authentication support.

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