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High-capacity hosting – Explode with grand promotions

by Thạch Phạm
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Dear Customers,

First of all, AZDIGI sincerely expresses deep gratitude to our valued customers for accompanying us throughout the time. In order to reciprocate the trust of our customers, the entire AZDIGI team has been continuously improving day by day to bring our Web Hosting services, in particular, and other server services at AZDIGI in general, closer to international Web Hosting standards..

Previously, AZDIGI was also a pioneering provider in deploying premium Web Hosting models for businesses since 2018, being the first to implement NVMe U.2 hard drives and Intel Xeon Platinum gen 2 processors in 2021, and widely introducing NVMe hard drives across all services in 2022 through free upgrades for all Business Hosting customers from SSD to NVMe.

Continuing to make waves in 2023, AZDIGI for the first time doubles the capacity of NVMe and SSD in Hosting services without changing the prices. It can be said that after the upgrade, the capacity of typical Hosting packages at AZDIGI is equivalent to hosting services abroad. For example, at Hawkhost, customers get 10GB SSD for $2.99 (equivalent to 70,000 VND), while at AZDIGI, you only need 65,000 VND to use 10GB SSD, along with superior RAM and CPU resources, and especially unlimited inodes.

With relentless efforts, AZDIGI ultimately aims to provide the highest level of stability and the best technological experience for our users.

We hope that in the future, AZDIGI will have more opportunities to continue accompanying our valued customers. Below is the detailed content of the promotional program and capacity doubling.


Starting from April 17, 2023, the following services will be increased up to 300% in capacity for new registrations, but the prices remain unchanged, specifically:

AZ Pro Hosting (SSD capacity)

  • AZ Pro 1: From 1GB to 3GB
  • AZ Pro 2: From 3GB to 6GB
  • AZ Pro 3: From 5GB to 10GB
  • AZ Pro 4: From 10GB to 20GB
  • AZ Pro 5: From 17GB to 30GB
  • AZ Pro 6: From 25GB to 45GB

Business Hosting (NVMe capacity)

  • BH-1: From 15GB to 25GB
  • BH-2: From 25GB to 50GB
  • H-3: From 50GB to 100GB

Turbo Business Hosting (NVMe capacity)

  • Turbo BH-1: From 35GB to 45GB
  • Turbo BH-2: From 45GB to 60GB
  • Turbo BH-3: From 60GB to 85GB
  • Turbo BH-4: From 80GB to 120GB
  • Turbo BH-5: From 100GB to 150GB
  • Turbo BH-6: From 120GB to 200GB

Premium Business Hosting (NVMe capacity)

  • Chop mat 1: From 15GB to 30GB
  • Chop mat 2: From 25GB to 50GB
  • Chop mat 3: From 35GB to 70GB
  • Chop mat 4: From 45GB to 90GB
  • Chop mat 5: From 55GB to 110GB
  • Chop mat 6: From 65GB to 130GB

The capacity will be permanently increased for new registrations starting from April 17, 2023. Existing customers who registered before that date will have a synchronized upgrade for their existing systems. Existing customers who renew their services after April 17, 2023, can request to transfer to the system with the new capacity. You just send an email to sale@azdigi.com, and our Sales Department will provide the fastest support.

Additionally, services that receive increased capacity will automatically be given an additional usage period of up to 12 months when newly registered during the promotional period, specifically:

  • Receive an extra 3 months when registering for 1 year.
  • Receive an extra 7 months when registering for 2 years.
  • Receive an extra 12 months when registering for 3 years.

👉 40% discount for Pro Hosting, SEO Hosting, and Email Hosting

⏱️ Applicable period: From April 17, 2023, until reaching 1000 new registrations for each service package.

Applicable services:

👉 Receive an additional 1 year of usage when renewing Hosting and VPS

⏱️ Applicable period: From April 17, 2023, until May 28, 2023.

Receive up to 12 months of additional service usage when renewing all Hosting and VPS services at AZDIGI, specifically:

  • Receive an extra 3 months when renewing for 1 year.
  • Receive an extra 7 months when renewing for 2 years.
  • Receive an extra 12 months when renewing for 3 years.

The additional period will be automatically added to the service immediately after the renewal invoice is paid.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please email support@azdigi.com or call the hotline at 028 888 24768 for the fastest consultation and support.

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