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What is Weebly and should you use Weebly?

by Thạch Phạm
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If someone asks about the importance of a website, we can easily list a long list of its position and role for businesses or personal images. However, not everyone can create or manage their own website.

It depends on many factors such as website optimization, website security, or solving internet attacks.

These specific factors are what make many people concerned when building a website. That’s why the development of website building applications is becoming increasingly popular and helping users easily create websites or perform operations without requiring too much in-depth technical knowledge.

In this article, AZDIGI will introduce to readers Weebly – one of the most famous website-building applications today with over 20 million customers worldwide.

What is Weebly?

Weebly - website design application

Weebly is a web-based application that allows you to easily design personal or business websites without requiring programming knowledge. This application allows you to manipulate layout, website content through a drag-and-drop interface based on available templates.

Is Weebly really good?

First, without going into deep technical or web design issues, Weebly was born to quickly meet the needs of customers for a professional website.

Secondly, in reality, the demand of website users is increasing rapidly, especially for businesses entering the e-commerce field. However, the needs of each person are different, especially for those who do not have in-depth knowledge of technical or information technology.

What is the solution for them? Weebly helps you meet everything.

Although it cannot be compared to WordPress or other professional website software, Weebly offers you and your customers an extremely high-quality experience:

  • Feature support: With Weebly, users will be fully integrated with important and professional features that a website needs. Users do not need to research or install plugins to suit their needs.
  • Ease of use: This is perhaps the greatest advantage of Weebly. If users struggle with installing new themes, interfaces, and require in-depth technical knowledge to optimize or operate them, with Weebly, you simply drag and drop the themes you want and easily implement them without any specialized knowledge.
  • Keyword SEO support: Weebly automatically optimizes search tools. You just need to choose the keywords, and it will automatically do the rest and help you promote your image more clearly.
  • Good optimization for improved page loading speed: Most websites on Weebly are well optimized, with default features. Therefore, the page loading speed of these websites will be more stable and easier to control. On the other hand, WordPress users often install many tasks or features but fail to optimize their websites, so the page loading speed depends on many other factors.
  • User-friendly: Because it is created and developed as an application that allows users to operate easily and quickly, Weebly is a top-notch solution for all user groups because the interface and operations are user-friendly. In addition, Weebly’s themes are also very diverse and suitable for users’ needs.

Who is Weebly for?

That is a question many people have because if there is a good application like Weebly, why do we still need web designers or people with deep technical knowledge?

In fact, Weebly was created as a solution for a different group of people rather than aiming to completely replace professional web design tools or website builders.

Anyone can use Weebly, but not everyone is suitable for Weebly. It is developed with default features and basic tools that are sufficient for a website. Therefore, Weebly is an application designed for:

  • People who do not have in-depth technical or design knowledge (such as coding, optimization, website security…) but still want to have a professional website.
  • Small websites such as blogs, product PR, small businesses, or simple e-commerce sites that do not require many complex requirements or features.
  • Beginners in business or website design with low cost, quick setup, and convenience.
  • Streamlining the website building and management process, such as design, hosting, plugin installation, optimization, etc.

In general, Weebly can be considered the best solution for building websites that helps save costs, time, and resources while still fulfilling the tasks that basic websites need.

Currently, AZDIGI is in the process of integrating Weebly as one of its main products to quickly and diversely meet customer needs. Moreover, integrating Weebly with hosting products will provide customers with a comprehensive and professional experience with the latest advanced technologies available at AZDIGI.

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