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Summary of WP CLI commands

by Thạch Phạm
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In previous posts, AZDIGI showed you how to install WP-CLI and use WP-CLI to install a WordPress website. Surely you are interested, so how can you manage your WordPress website through WP-CLI? Then in this article, AZDIGI will guide you with some basic commands so that you can manage your WordPress website.

Note: You need to access the command line to use WP-CLI, if you use ShareHosting services and run with user rights, you just need to run the commands below. As for using WP-CLI on Server/VPS and running as root, you need to add the option --allow-root after each command.

Before starting implementation, you need to make sure the following factors are met:

When you have met all the above factors, all that remains is for you to move to the right website to administer and start using WP-CLI with the command lines below.

Manage WordPress Versions

  • Download the latest WordPress version from the homepage.
wp core download
  • Check the version of WordPress you are using.
wp core version
  • Update to the latest WordPress version
wp core update
  • Downgrade or upgrade a certain version.
wp core update --version=5.3.2 --force

You replace 5.3.2 with the version of WordPress you want to change.

Database Management

  • Update database.
wp core update-db
  • Database optimization.
wp db optimize
  • Repair database.
wp db repair
  • Export database
wp db export
  • Import database
wp db import

Theme Manager

  • Search themes
wp theme search tên-theme
  • Install themes
wp theme install tên-theme
  • List of themes in use
wp theme list
  • Active the theme
wp theme active tên-theme
  • Update theme
wp theme update tên-theme
  • Update all themes
wp theme update --all
  • Uninstall theme
wp theme uninstall tên-theme
  • Delete theme
wp theme delete tên-theme

Manage Plugins

  • List all plugins installed on WordPress.
wp plugin list
  • List updated plugins.
wp plugin list --update=available
  • Display output in json or csv format.
wp plugin list --format=json
wp plugin list --format=csv
  • Install the zip plugin at wp-content/plugins
wp plugin install tên-plugin
  • Install the plugin from a URL.
wp plugin install https://example.com/ten_plugin.zip
  • Activate a plugin
wp plugin activate tên-plugin
  • Disable a plugin
wp plugin deactive tên-plugin
  • Uninstall plugin
wp plugin uninstall tên-plugin
  • Update a plugin
wp plugin update tên-plugin
  • Update all plugins
wp plugin update --all

Manage WordPress Users

  • Show users
wp user list
  • Create a new user
wp user create tên-user admin@gmail.com --role=administrator

administrator: This is the permission you want to assign to the user (you can change it to Super Admin-Editor-Author – Contributor – Subscriber depending on your purpose)

  • Change user password
wp user update tên-user --user_pass=matkhaumoi
  • Update user permissions
wp user update tên-user --role=administrator
  • Delete user
wp user delete tên-user --reassign=tên-user

You can replace the name-user with the corresponding ID of that user.

Manage WordPress Posts

  • Show posts
wp post list
  • Create post
wp post create --post_status=publish --post_title='Tên bài viết' --edit
  • Create multiple posts at the same time (10 posts)
wp post generate --count=10
  • Delete posts
wp post delete ID-bàiviết

Other functions

In addition to the basic functions AZDIGI introduced, WP-CLI has many other functions that are used similarly to the functions above. You can find out more here

In addition, if you are a professional user, and are familiar with WP-CLI, you can refer to the WP-CLI integration tool packages here: Click here for more great features.


So AZDIGI has shown you in detail how to use WP-CLI to manage your WordPress website, when you are gradually familiar with WP-CLI, WordPress administration for you becomes extremely simple and fast.

Wishing you success!

If you need assistance, you can contact support in the ways below:

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